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Algaeia is a genetically engineered Super-Algae that is largely responsible for life being able to inhabit the planet Planet 188-604

Algaeia bloom along a beach


Algaeia was genetically engineered by the original settlers of Planet 188-604. At the time the planet was completely hostile to human life, and required a terraforming solution that wouldn't require much input from humans. The solution was to create an organism who's lifecycle would give off oxygen and trap other elements in the air to slowly make the atmosphere more breathable. The organism also had to be quite resilient and fast-reproducing to have any noticeable effect on the planet. Some consideration was even given to using the organism to support human life, with tweaks being made to the humble algae to make it a hearty, if somewhat bland, food source.

Life Cycle

Algaeia starts its life cycle as a green sludge.

As it matures it consumes CO2 and releases Oxygen through photosynthesis. It can live in both fresh and salt water, and its membranes will filter out salt water, storing fresh water inside of it. As it grows, its membrane will build up in size, storing various proteins inside of it that give the algae a slightly meaty taste.

The Algaeia will reach full size within a month or two, and usually at the end of 6 months it will burst open, spreading hundreds of new, tiny, Algaeias.

The fast life cycle also allow Algaeia to adapt very quickly, allowing them to consume new food sources and adapt to their environment very quickly without outside help.


Algaeia is genetically engineered to Terraform. It is incredibly resilient, can survive in almost any environment, and even enter a form of stasis when dehydrated by harsh conditions like space.

Mature Algaeia contain fresh water inside of them, as well as many nourishing proteins in its shell, making it an ideal self-maintaining food source.


Algaeia were introduced to planet Planet 188-604 sometime near YE -1000 and quickly wiped out what little life was in the planet's water. It is spread around the planet started filling the atmosphere with oxygen, making the planet breathable in a short span of time. Its continued spread is helping build greenhouse gasses in the planet's atmosphere, weakening the devastating weather patterns.

By YE 38 there is more Algaeia on planet 188604 by weight than there is any other life form.

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