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Home world of the Abwehran Star Empire, Abwehr is a large planet that orbits the gas giant of Jaspis IV. A vibrant and deadly world, Abwehr is one of the few populated heavy-gravity worlds in the known galaxy.

Planetary Statistics


  • Type: Large iron/silicate
  • Radius: 12,365 kilometers
  • Surface Area: 1.921 x 10^9 square kilometers
  • Land Area: 7.684 x 10^8 square kilometers
  • Mass: 6.741 x 10^25 kilograms
  • Density: 8.512 grams per cubic centimeter
  • Composition:
    • 31.5% iron
    • 23.1% oxygen
    • 16.3% silicon
    • 14.7% nickel
    • 14.4% other metals
    • trace other elements


  • Gravity: 29.34 meters per second squared (3Gs)
  • Escape Velocity: 27 kilometers per second

Rotation and Revolution

  • Period: 48 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 16 degrees
  • Orbiting: Jaspis IV
  • Orbital Radius: 1,883,000 kilometers
  • Orbital Period: ~28 days


  • Water: 46%
  • Ice: 10%


  • Type: Dense Breathable
  • Pressure: 226.41 kiloPascals
  • Composition:
    • 79.7% nitrogen
    • 20.3% oxygen
    • trace other gases


  • Type: Cool
  • Minimum Temperature: 188 Kelvins (-84 Celsius)
  • Average Temperature: 291 Kelvins (17 Celsius)
  • Maximum Temperature: 308 Kelvins (35 Celsius)


Civilization Information

Government: Abwehran Star Empire
Total Resident Population: ~7.5 Billion


Maps of Abwehr

Map of Continents and Oceans

Geography of Abwehr

Comprised of seven continents of various sizes, the planet of Abwehr is divided up into 24 Regions each administrated by a Herzog1) and their representatives. Regions are further divided into Provinces, which are each administrated by a Baron, with Provinces divided into Counties, each administrated by a Graf2).


The central Continent of Abwehr, the Kapital continent is home to the Capital Region and City of the planet. Due to its importance to the Abwehran people, the Kapital continent got away with relatively light kinetic bombardment.

Regions of Kapital


The North-Western Continent of Abwehr, Drachenheim was founded in the mid-Great Conflict Era and has been well known for its high population of reptilian predators. Drachenheim suffered little to no kinetic bombardment due to the efforts of the Weltraumflotte during the Pirate Wars.

Regions of Drachenheim

  • Stahlreich
  • Mysteriösbereich
  • Dracheninseln


One of two of the largest Continents on Abwehr, Schildländer largely consists of undeveloped and unused land. Because of this, the continent is often seen as an investor's paradise. It takes up the majority of the western hemisphere.

Regions of Schildländer

  • Nordenland
  • Insel der Rosen
  • Klingeland
  • Holstland
  • Küste der Teufel
  • Smaragdinseln
  • Unfruchtbarinseln


The second continent considered one of the Largest on Abwehr, Wiegeheim is the “cradle” of Abwehran civilization. Because of this, it is one of the more populated continents compared to the rest of the planet. It was also the target of a vast majority of kinetic bombardment during the Pirate Wars. It takes up the majority of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Regions of Wiegeheim

  • Felderland
  • Hölleländer
  • Wüstereichtum
  • Reich der Sonne
  • Todfelder
  • Bewaldet Festung
  • Rosenheim
  • Verstreutjuwelen

Continent-sized or Multi-Continental Regions

On the planet of Abwehr, there are four continent-sized regions that, while lightly populated, hold major cities that are considered priceless due to events in the Pirate Wars.

List of Regions

  • Krone der Welt
  • Königinland
  • Junkerheim
  • Thron der Welt

OOC Notes

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:!: Please See individual region articles in Geography of Abwehr for RP Events and Rumors. :!:


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