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A primarily land planet, it is sparsely populated by Geshrin and Nepleslians that live in a strange mix of primitive and futuristic technology.

The planet is optimal for growing plants and for machining. While trade from Aeshantal is beginning to take off, there seems to be a black market society that is flourishing as well. Commercial shipping has been attacked and supply depots raided.

A very basic description of the local system of government is as follows: The planet has a loose confederation of societies. Each territory (or fragment in the local terminology) retains its individual sovereignty and decisions are made only with unanimous agreement. While this tends to make change extremely slow, it also leads to greater differentiation between the different fragments.

Andvari Fragment

Andvari Fragment has two major cities and three minor cities surrounded by largely uninhabited grasslands roamed by the local fauna. The two major cities are Vathir and Volund. The are located approximately 16 miles apart at their closest points. Vathir is rougly northwest of Volund. Vathir is the rowdier of the two cities. With only a minimal force to keep the citizens from chaos, the atmosphere resembles that of a bar where everyone has had too much to drink. Volund, on the other hand, is more productive. Shipping out low quality, but mass produced manufactured goods, Volund specializes in trade with the rest of the fragments and is one of the reasons that Andvari exists still. The three smaller cities are more rural in nature and are named Gartal, Fayl, and Kallvie. These cities are all within 10 miles of the larger cities, usually connected by a small path or gravel road.

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