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Planet Akina

Originally discovered and colonized in YE 28 by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, Akina has had a turbulent existence.

Heading Details
Planetary radius: 8,054 km
Surface gravity: 1. G
Escape velocity: 11.00 km/sec


Fort Akina

Fort Akina is a Frontier Fort with all the standard facilities.

Akina Spaceport

The spaceport is a Frontier Starport designed to maintain Star Army of Yamatai vessels, and civilian traffic as well. In YE 36, a Bravemart opened in the planet's civilian starport.

Akina System Defense

In space protecting the system, a 4SF Standard Defense System was put in place.

Refugee Cities

In YE 34 the Yamatai Star Empire constructed 10,000 Refugee Towns, capable of supporting 184 million people with additional overflow capability in the form of tent cities if necessary. This was done to ensure the welfare of displaced persons from the former Yamataian colonies in the United Outer Colonies. By YE 38 the camps' residents had all moved on to real housing in the city or to other planets, and the camps were closed.


In response to the food shortage caused by the The Battle of Yamatai, the government opened a large number of farms here in YE 34.

Equilibrium Foods

Equilibrium Foods has its first set of farms and ranches on the planet. There they raise, grow and sell a wide variety of food items, with a large portion of what they produce being donated to needy communities.

Communications Network

In YE 34 a network of EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellites were put in place allowing the various settlements to have continuous communications.

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