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Asura III

A tropical, habitable, Yamatai-like planet in the Asura system, β€œAsura” was the only remaining United Outer Colonies colony aside from Miyamae System, and is the largest population center in the Yugumo Cluster region of space.

Asura is patrolled by the Star Army of Yamatai. Asura is locally governed by a council of countries, special interest groups, and megacorporations that co-exist only reluctantly with each other. The result is a planet almost as diverse as it is sprawling; with 3,735,423,976 humanoid beings on the surface, and sitting as it is on the very verge of civilized space, it could hardly help that.



The framework for the Asura Prime government was only loosely dictated by the United Outer Colonies , now defunct, as a democracy with the highest of ideals - the liberty of the common person, and the freedom of the soldiers of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet who defected from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30. A people's house of commons, with seventeen representatives from the four major planetary districts, was set up around a Prime Minister presiding over the House. They have a standing constitution which grants considerable power to the district and local governments to maintain contracts, property rights, and provide for an interdistrict justice and penal system.

In current practice it is a corporatocracy that does little to maintain any of these rights except for the ones that can pay for them.

When the United Outer Colonies fell to the NMX, the government remained - but finding itself without support from the colonial fleet, which had either surrendered to Yamatai or joined the Lorath Matriarchy, it turned to the corporations entrenched on its surface for funding and borrowed large amounts of money to provide for a standing militia and to maintain the economy and welfare of its populace. When the Lorath began to patrol the astral territory of the Asura system, the colonial government found a temporary reprieve for two full years, until YE 34, when Task Force Lantern officially took over patrol of its astral territories.

YE 36, The VSV Boutros crash4) lands on Asura III and its crew begins to combat local defense forces5), sparking response from Yamatai in the form of Operation QUIET RAGE.

The debts came due - the government, effectively bought out, was generally agreed by the populace to be a simple puppet of the most powerful corporations on the planet's surface.

Asura III is still very much a planet of many interests, with its people as varied as the causes they champion.

As part of the Yugumo Corporation's sustainability initiatives, the Juugoya Cooperative has recently begun construction of farming villages & aquaculture centers on land/water purchased from the various corporate entities and/or the loose central government.

Yamataian Special Control Zone

Created during the end of YE 37 and given to the required Yamataian government representatives appointed by the Tenth Fleet's leadership, it represents the only land area directly controlled by Yamataian rule and law and order. Yamatai began construction of Fort Asura in YE 37. It was completed in YE 38.

Its current commander is Shosho Fujiwara Miu (θ—€εŽŸ 美羽).

Mochizuki Beach

Located in the tropical zone of the planet, this picturesque coastal city untouched by war serves as the center of Asura's tourism industry. It is the first sight that any new arrival to the small PAINT network terminal on connecting flights from Jiyuu System hub will see.

It is blessed with miles of beautiful, sandy-white beaches and azure waters, along which is built one of the most famous landmarks of the area, the Mitsuya Grand Hotel & Resort. This luxurious 5-star destination features amazing sunset views in its various deluxe honeymoon suites that cover several stories, as well as fine dining and relaxing by the warm fire in the aptly named 'Embers' lounge, decorated with some of the life accomplishments of its namesake. Its a particularly popular destination for wedding couples as it features a striking circle of giant, perfectly smooth stones situated in the middle of a beautiful natural preserve & garden called the P'enn Pavilion. The pavilion is notable for being one of the only places outside former Matriarchy space to hold traditional Lorath wedding ceremonies, and is so named for the ancient tradition of gem & semi-precious stone offerings to adequately display the depths of one's affection for another.

There is a sizeable Lmanel population present in Mochizuki Beach, as many of them are gainfully employed by the hotel and related businesses to keep its natural beauty intact and also create mementos for tourists to purchase.

Recently, Peacekeeper Heavy Industries has constructed a small satellite office complex in the downtown area, as cooperation with the central government on military projects has increased substantially. It is also convenient for CEO Mochizuki Shiori, who is a longtime beach-goer herself, and may often be found mixing business with pleasure in her summer home near some choice seaside real estate.


Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.


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