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B7R-604 is the designation of both the planet and the system around it. Originally a barren rocky sphere, the planet was terraformed over the last decade by nepleslian colonists and now supports a habitable ecosystem.

More about the Planet

Planet B7R-604
*uninhabited side of the planet.
General Characteristics
Gravity 0.96G
Atmospheric Pressure 0.93 atm
Atmospheric Composition Nitrogen 76%, Oxygen 22%, Other 2%
Population ~550 million
Satellites 2 Natural
Climate Cool, Dry, and Sandy


B7R-604 orbits a yellow, G type star.


The enviroment of the planet is mid-terraforming. Though the atmosphere has been made breathable, a functional biosphere has not yet spread to the entire planet. Multiple attempts at building a stable biosphere have been made over the last decade, dotting much of the planet with failed ecosystems that have left behind barren research facilities, deserts, and the remains of the animals created to fill them.

One contentent does have a stable biosphere, and includes lush jungles along with birds, fish, and small mammals. Extensive effort was made to create this biosphere to be resort-like. There are towering jungle trees that all bear fruit, but there are no inscets or other 'pests' that are built into the ecosystem, with their functions being taken over by various funguses, plants, and mammals.

In YE 39 a conflict between invasive Rixxikor colonists, the local population, the Uso's Star Organization, and the The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire heavily damaged this part of the ecosystem. The quick action of Alex Tasuki as well as the sale of fire-fighting starships by Nepleslia to Uso's Star Organization would prevent the planet from becoming uninhabitable.


B7R-604 supports one real city, and one containment camp on its only inhabitable landmass.


Offically, 'The star-kingdom of the planet Cavalon', unoffically just 'The Kingdom' is a constitutional monarchy that originally colonized the planet in order to get away from the problems of Nepleslia. They have been developing the planet for more than a decade, turning a once lifeless rock into a water-filled and nearly-verdant world.

The city itself is a colony ship that stretches for nearly 20KM, and was heavily used during the initial terraforming, though now the ship is largely decomissioned and used as the central hub for the city itself. Additional structures extend outward from the main tower of the ship as well as down into underground service tunnels that are used to irrigate the planet as well as adjust atmospheric composition.

The city itself supports a population of nearly 300 million humans.

Outside of the city itself, much of the planet was turned into a resort world with homes, villas, and resorts, though much of this has been destroyed by the Rixxikor.

The Alien Antfarm

Constructed by Vier in YE 39, the Alien Antfarm is a large earthen wall that encompases the Rixxikor district on B7R-604. This area contains the disarmed Rixxikor colonists that survived the battle of B7R. In part due to their rapid reproduction, and in part to Vier's aim to avoid casualties, there are lots of Rixx remaining in increasingly cramped conditions.

This area houses nearly 250 million Rixxikor as of YE 39.


The star system B7R-604 was originally charted by Elysians long ago, though modern history for the planet doesn't start until YE 10 when colonists from Nepleslia came to found a settlement. The planet itself had the correct amount of gravity for a comfortable life, however it lacked in atmosphere and water. Over the next three decades the colonists would re-direct comets towards the planet to provide it with life-sustaining water as well as attempt to establish various biospheres which could support life.

In Ye 37 the planet's colonists and the The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire would run into one another. To contain the growth of the colony the Elysians would demand that the colony not develop their own starships, and would station thier own ships in the system. This would result in the colony developing large terrestial craft, and would mean that when the Rixxikor arrived in early YE 38, they would be largely unprepared to prevent their colony ship from landing.

Later that year, the Uso's Star Organization would arrive on the planet to retreive an individual wanted by Van Banning. In an attempt to instigate political turmoil and advance her own intrests, Van Banning would use a mind control system implanted in Alex Tasuki to have him open fire on people in the main city area. This would result in a hasty dash back to a transport piloted by Flynn Blackburn in the middle of an engagement between Rixxikor and the city's local guard units.

In YE 39 the USO would return to the planet. The The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire wanted to free up its ships to deal with other problems, and pressured the USO into taking on the problems of B7R-604. The resulting conflict between USO, the Rixxikor, and the locals would heavily damage the planet's biosphere. Large scale EMP weapons deployed by the Frontier Service Corporation during the engagement would cripple the city of Cavalon, and lead to much reconstruction work over the rest of the year.

OOC notes

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