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An ice world that once was quite temperate, but eventually began a decelerated outward spiral from the sun due to the influence of large asteroids and comets affecting its orbit. There isn’t any moon; therefore there are no tidal cycles to be had. Its mineral composition is quite rich in certain minerals, including silica quartz and sand, francium, parylene, and copper. Other minerals are scarce compared to other ice planets. It also has a ring of asteroids with light amounts of tin and iron inside them. There’s plenty of coal and natural oil formed from the decay of the forests of thousands of years ago.

System Tiig'Riiba System
Planet Barokaa
Type Arctic
Gravity 1.3 Gs
Stellar Radius 1.22 AU from star
Circumference at the Equator 50,567.97 KM
Moons None
Barokan Population 853,000
Length of day 33 hours
Length of year 411 days
Atmosphere Nitrogen, Oxygen
Biosphere Harsh, frigid

Places of Note

The Three Brothers

Barokan capital of government. The area consists of three skyscraping mountain peaks, with a deep valley between. In the valley itself is the capitol complex (because the word “building” wouldn't do it justice). It's a multi-tiered set that has bridges on every level, each of which leading to a respective tunnel. All phone lines meet here, linked in towards the very lowest tier. The valley itself has a much lower amount of snow than any area surrounding it thanks to its tri-tipped walls. This is the very pinnacle of concentrated technology, so the very best of what they have to offer is on display on any given surface one looks upon.

Qire'ba's Hollow

The central for the Landkind's ruler. It's a mountain range that was hollowed out partially, mainly due to some explosive cave-ins and unique water flow from days past. Now, it contains many wide chambers and tunnels, not unlike how one would imagine a dwarven city to be. Around nine communes in all live in its halls, not including the Behemoth and his special guard.

The Shifting Expanse

The name the Baroka have given the seas of Barokaa. The surface is always warping and changing due to high winds, which gives birth to miraculous ice formations and the aforementioned name.

Leviathan's Domain

Strictly speaking, the Leviathan's center of power doesn't have a name, thanks to the constantly shifting nature of the surroundings and the constant need to adapt to new wind flow. Simply put, it's a castle made entirely of ice, with certain areas lined with furs. See this for conceptual representation.

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