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Boiling Hot

Boiling Hot is a terrestrial world (re)discovered by the DION in YE 34. It is named so because the planet suffers from extremely unbearable heat. Much of the surface on the main continent is desert like. However, the oceans surrounding continent results in a tolerable living climate along the coasts.

The interior hides large amounts of iron and silicates underground but given the difficult logistics of supplying mining operations in a desert, no serious attempt has been yet made.

Residents on Boiling Hot get a reprieve from the heat every six months when intense rainstorms lasting for a month batter the coasts. These storms bring the temperatures down significantly.


Type Two Continents, a few small islands, single ocean, Frozen glaciers at either poles.
Radius 5200 km
Surface Area 415,982,000 km2
Land Area 91,220,340 km2
Mass 5020900000000000000000000 kg
Density 5.08 g/cm3
Gravity .92 G
Composition 20.8% iron, 32.7% oxygen, 3.25% nickel, 18.6% silicon, 13.6% other metals, trace other elements
Period 4.79 standard years)
Atmosphere Oxygen and Nitrogen rich; just bloody hot
Special Electromagnetic storms


Climate Types Hot year round, save for rainy season at the end of each year
Flora Density Present in coastal regions but few within the interiors; increases during rainy season
Fauna Density Heavy sea life, including fish and large predators; Few land creatures, mostly docile
Length of Day Twenty three hours, fifteen minutes
Average Temperature Temperature on the planet ranges from 25 to 45 degrees celsius depending on the season and location. Coastal areas typically cooler and less harsh


Beergoggles is primarily made up of Nepleslians.

Capital Beergoggles
Demographics Nepleslians, ID-SOLs, Geshrin, visiting aliens, NSN personnel
Surface Structures
  • 1 Large Town: Beergoggles (Pop.: 4.5 thousand)

The town of Beergoggles is fairly new. Most of its structures are pre-fabricated shelters constructed using nano-machines. The original settlement, which didn't have a name, was made out of mud-brick houses and lay close to the shore, allowing cooling ocean breezes to interrupt the otherwise unrelenting heat. Beergoggles is situated sixty kilometers north of it. The original settlement is being preserved as a landmark while Beergoggles is being set up as the modern settlement.

It has few amenities and much can be done to improve its existing rudimentary power supply and star port. There is, however, an abundant amount of cold beer to offset any other discomfort.

Cultural Information

As a new colony, the colonists have brought their own cultures from their home planets. This makes the planet typically Nepleslian as the majority are drawn from Nepleslia and other core worlds suffering from overpopulation. Thus far, there are only two traditions which set Freebeer apart from other Nepleslian worlds. Every year, on the day that the Venus landed, the entire planet celebrates the event by having a planet-wide beer festival as a way of making it up to Captain Starblaster, who had none when he first landed. The other is to always offer an alcoholic beverage to anyone arriving on the planet as a means of fortifying them against the heat.

Political Information

As colonists who took advantage of government and corporate sponsorship to start a new life, the inhabitants of Freebeer are generally loyal to the current government. Nonetheless as a starter colony, the colonists are more concerned with survival and economic growth than politics.

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