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Deep Night

Deep Night is a rogue planet deep in the western expanse. This planet broke away from its star hundreds of thousands of years ago, picking up a small system of objects during its journey.

Planetary Data

Deep Night is a nearly-frozen rock in deep space. The planet has been without a star for so long that the surface temperature is only a few degrees kelvin. Heat can be pulled away from objects on the surface so fast that traveling outside can very quickly become fatal without appropriate protections integrated into a traveler's space suit.


  • Type: Rocky world
  • Orbital Radius: N/A
  • Mass: 3*10^24kg
  • Period: N/A
  • Gravity: .5 g
  • Planetary Population: 2,580
  • Natural Satellites: 57
  • Facilities: Scarecrow's Headquarters and Industrial Facilities.

More information

The planet is used as the home base of the scarecrows PMC. the facilities on the planet are currently made up of a series of older star-ships that are being buried under the surface of the planet, though more permanent facilities are planned. A starship hull has also been put in orbit over the planet, and its reactors generate enough light for a miniature day/night cycle to occur every 30 hours.

Outside of the Scarecrow's compound, Deep Night is an inhospitable place. Though the surface of the planet is relatively smooth, with only small hills and the occasional valley, plenty of the surface is pockmarked with craters from impacts. The lack of atmosphere also allows for interstellar objects to occasionally slam into the planet at full force. These impacts often contribute to the high number of small artificial satellites around the planet.

OOC Notes

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