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New Elysia

Capital and new homeworld of the Elysians. The capital city is Empyrean. Elysians moved here after the second Elysian war and their defeat by the Army of Uesureya.

Flag of Elysia Novus/New Elysia

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Satellites into orbit in YE 36. Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

Basic Facts

New Elysia
Type: Terrestrial
Stellar Radius: ~1 AU
Circumference: About 39,900 km
Surface Gravity: 1.1 G
Length of Day: 327.6 Yamatian hours, 24 Elysian hours
Length of Year: 360.003 days


New Elysia is a pleasant planet, with most regions having a warm temperate climate. The most common terrain type is that of mountains, with forests coming a close second. A rarity is that there is only a single 'continent', with no oceans but many seas of great size and possessing a large number of islands of various sizes.

The capital of the planet is the eponymous New Elysia (In English) or Elysia Novus (In Seraphim) and is by far the largest city on the planet, with the majority of the population scattered in smaller settlements, often based around a Patricians settlement.

That planet did have indigenous fauna, and the Elysians have largely disposed of any that didn't fit in with the new eco-system they designed and supplanted them with species from Old Elysia (otherwise known as Uesyreya or Planet Yamatai). The land is now occupied by animals either introduced or designed by the Elysians.

The temperature of New Elysia varies greatly in places such as at the Equator and the poles, but for the majority of the planet the following remains true: The average temperature is between +14c and +19c. It gets colder as one goes higher up the mountains.

The planet has a satellite which is notable for being particularly reflective of the systems sun's rays.

The system also contains several fairly nondescript gas giants which are farmed for resources.

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