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New Geies

Geies is the inner most planet of the Vonaâsiâi (Twins) system. It was settled during 755 CY (YE 36).

About Geies

Geies is a cool world with very little land. It boasts a diverse aquatic biosphere. Land based biosphere is limited to mainly the tropics. Above that region plant life such as conifers and lichens are the norm in the permafrost. The surface is swept by frequent electromagnetic storms which means any equipment on the surface has to be protected against lightning. The storms are tied directly to the cycle of the system's primary interacting with the secondary. The axial tilt causes the seasons to vary wildly across the surface. As the summer moves across the surface, parts of the oceans melt and algae blooms form.


Prior Name: Ganjo 1

Geies Surface

Planetary Details

The following are the details about the planet itself. Other links will provide details about life on it.


  • Type: Small ocean
  • Radius: 4,270.05 km (0.67 x earth)
  • Surface Area: 2.29 x 108 km2
  • Land Area: 1.15 x 107 km2 (0.08 x earth)
  • Mass: 1.99 x 1024 kg (0.33 x earth)
  • Density: 6.09 g/cm3 (1.10 x earth)
  • Composition: 37.0% iron, 23.6% oxygen, 18.5% nickel, 8.0% silicon, 8.9% other metals, 4.0% other elements


  • Gravity: 7.24 m/s2 (0.74 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity: 7.86 km/s


  • Period: 37.64 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 28.25 °


  • Water: 96 %
  • Ice: 11 %


  • Type: Standard
  • Pressure: 92.10 kPa (0.91 x earth)
  • Composition: 74.1% nitrogen, 25.9% oxygen, trace other gases


  • Type: Cool
  • Min Temp: 243 K (-29 °C)
  • Avg Temp: 298 K (25 °C)
  • Max Temp: 331 K (58 °C)



  • Features: Electromagnetic storms


A harvest settlement called Poary, it is located about 20 km from the Frontier Sky harbor. See image for location of the two.

Settlement Poary

  • A harvest settlement called Poary , it is located about 20 km from the Frontier Sky harbor. It is located on the west side of the greater southern sea. (Yellow dot)

Geies Frontier Mâhoa'sa Âdor

A Mâhoa'sa Âdor (Small Sky Harbor) serves as a frontier spaceport. (Red dot) It has the following features:

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