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Genus is the third planet in the AX-01 star system, it was explored by the YSS Aeon in YE 33. During their survey they discovered a disabled Scientific Studies Service (SSS) ship YSS Genus.

Average Mean Temp: 27.65ΒΊ C - 41ΒΊ C

Atmospheric composition: Oxygen, Nitrogen, and other trace elements.

This a lush planet with 60% of the surface covered in water. That planet as an elliptical orbit that varies by .1AU due to the shockwave when the inner planet exploded. Planet has rich mineral deposits. An extensive set of ruins exists on one continent.


The planet was named by Ise Katae in memory of the forty-eight expedition members who were lost aboard the Genus on the planet.

Genus map

The Aeon crew encountered the Animus & Anima, synthetic lifeforms designed by the Intellicus a giant computer complex on the planet.

The Intellicus was destroyed and the Genus was escorted by the Aeon back to Veronica. The former site of the Intellicus is now an active volcano marked on the above map by a red dot.

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