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Hope is a habitable planet located within the Pacifica system of the nebula bearing the same name.

More about the Planet

Hope is a terrestrial/oceanic planet. It is mostly landmass, but has a large central saltwater ocean. In addition to that, there are many smaller bodies of both salt and freshwater, which provide sustenance for the greenery of the planet.

It was settled in early YE 40 by the Exodus Fleet. After the initial landing, a city sprung up, as did several outlying settlements.


Hope is located within the Pacifica system, which has no star.


Hope is a temperate planet, providing a comfortable living environment for most of the sapient species that came there with the Exodus Fleet. The terrain can vary from rolling hills, to seaside cliffs, to mountain ranges or swamps. There are also two deserts on the planet.

As a fairly temperate planet, the weather is often mild. Snow is not rare, but usually only comes during the winter months of the year and even then in small amounts. The exceptions to this are the poles, and the mountainous regions of the planet.


The largest city on the planet is simply known as Landing. It is the site of the refit of the giant alien spaceship, and the hub of activity on the planet. There are shopping, entertainment, agricultural and industrial centers within Landing. The largest and most active of these centers is the industrial one.

There are several outlying townships, but none of them are large enough to be called a city yet.


The planetary population is over 20,000 people, with more immigrating slowly.

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