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Jiyuu I

The first planet in the Jiyuu system in the Yugumo Cluster.

General Statistics

Type: Terrestrial โ€“ Rock Planet Orbital Radius: 1.79 x 107 km (0.3 AU) Period: 7.26 x 102 hours (0.08 earth years) Gravity: 14.08 m/s2 (1.44 x earth) Flag: United Outer Colonies

Jiyuu I is very close to the central star of the system. It has a tightly held unstable trace atmosphere of hydrogen, helium, oxygen and sodium and is effected by intense solar winds. The planet has no prospect for colonization, but holds interest for ongoing resource extraction and research.

Natural Resources Claimed

  • Helium-3 Extraction (Automated Specialized Matter Collection System)
  • Automated Iron Ore Mining Operation (Subterranean)


Extreme Environments Testing Lab owned by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards

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