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Jiyuu II

Jiyuu II is the second planet in the Jiyuu System; it is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

About Jiyuu II

The most notable feature of the planet is the Colony of Reimei City. The Colony was established in YE 29 by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, and consists of a Katsuko-Class Colony Installation which has been modified to include pre-shipping refinery facilities for carbon materials mined on the planet. Materials harvested are transported to the Kodoku-Class Mining and Processing Facility in the Siren System. Twelve smaller colonies have been established as satellites for additional mining sites in close proximity to Reimei City. The Colony predominately consists of miners and their families under the employ of the Yugumo Corporation.

Local miners often refer to living on Jiyuu II as β€œLife under the Dome,” as that the Katsuko-Class Colony Installation remains sealed due to the lack of breathable atmosphere.

Statistics for Jiyuu II
Type Carbon Planet
PAINT Station No
Facilities and Bases Yes
Colony Yes
Population 28,000
Moons Jiyuu IIA and Jiyuu IIB

A Unique Geology

There is evidence that this planet was not original to the system. Rather a rogue body that got caught in the solar system when it was formed and began to orbit the central star. A very special planet with a metallic core primarily comprised of iron encased by silicon carbide and titanium carbide. Mountains of diamonds and a surface of thick graphite covered with a rich hydrocarbon atmosphere.


In YE 41, when the Yugumo Corporation under the reigns of the Motoyoshi Clan became involved in the re-establishment of the First Expeditionary Fleet, the Katsuko-Class Colony Installation received a major overhaul and repairs, as well as equipment upgrades and refurbishment of the colony city. Production of the facility has been operating at its highest levels in years, especially with the demand of materials for the construction of the YSS Tokyo.

Places to Explore or Salvage

Jiyuu II has some interesting locations:

Abandoned Ancient Alien Mine

In YE 29, an underground system of tunnels and caverns were discovered by scientists from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. After study and intensive scanning, it was determined that the structures were artificial and not naturally occurring. Initial research predicted that the mine was constructed approximately 10,000 years before. The tunnel system was never fully explored and it was forgotten about due to the United Outer Colonies take over.

Local Miners from Reimei City often tell ghost stories and far fetched tales about the creepy mines and the fictional creatures that dwell there.

The Diamond Grab

The Diamond Grab is an off the books gemstone dealer that uses unsafe and unsanctioned methods to extract its product from no longer operational mines in the Colony. He owns a great deal of questionable possibly stolen equipment and a worn-down old Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler to run his product to various ports in the region. The mysterious owner of this outfit is known for his elaborate knowledge of the planet's mining system.

The Dirt Pig Tavern

A rough mining colony watering hole that serves up mean grub and plenty of laughs. The Dirt Pig Tavern lives up to its name, being a favorite place for miners to enjoy a good brew after a long shift beneath the ground. The Yugumo Corporation often flies in various adult and burlesque entertainers for the enjoyment of those who risk their lives extracting materials from this hostile planet.

Orbital Assets

Jiyuu II has an orbiting network of Emrys Satellites for communications that were deployed by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 36.

In YE 42, the Yugumo Corporation relocated Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori" to an orbital position around Jiyuu II.

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