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Jiyuu V

Jiyuu V is the fifth planet in the Jiyuu System, it is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Painting of Jiyuu V. circa YE 42

About Jiyuu V

Jiyuu V was colonized by the United Outer Colonies in YE 30.

This world consists primarily of dense coniferous forestation in what few areas are not covered by the heavy glaciation. Almost 84% of the surface is covered in ice except for a narrow habitable band near the equator which forms a mild temperate zone. It has a breathable atmosphere, moderately available resources, and for the most part is locked in an ice age caused by a lengthy period of vulcanization which projected heavy amounts of ash into the atmosphere.

Three Colonies were established early on, Port Pine, Mount Borealis, and Polar Jewel. The colonies were ravaged by the NMX in YE 33 and the colonies were evacuated. When the Yamatai Star Empire reassumed control of the system in YE 34, the Port Pine and Mount Borealis Colonies were determined to be completely destroyed and rebuilding proposals were rejected due to the high costs. Restoration work on Polar Jewel, however, began immediately and the Tenth Fleet established a Frontier Starport just outside of the ocean-side city.

In YE 42 the Yugumo Corporation has begun construction on New Port Pine and a new settlement west of Mount Borealis that has yet to be named.

Statistics for Jiyuu V
Type Terrestrial Planet
PAINT Station Planned
Facilities and Bases Yes
Colony Yes
Population 210,000
Moons None

Places to Explore or Salvage

Jiyuu V has some interesting locations:

Port Pine and Mount Borealis Exclusion Zones

Port Pine and Mount Borealis Colonies were savagely attacked by the NMX in YE 33. It left the colonies and surrounding areas reduced to ruin and with high levels of radiation. While the Yugumo Corporation has suggested a similar protocol to that which was followed for cleaning up Tokyo, avalanches and other natural obstacles have caused the two colonies to remain in their decayed state and other colonies planned in other locations.

The loss of life in the bombings of these colonies was tragic and evacuation was incomplete with a large number of casualties. Many buildings, homes and other structures that remain or partially remain do so with the belongings and equipment still intact. The Yugumo Corporation has discouraged salvage and respect for the sites, however, due to the terrain and weather the company rarely monitors traffic in and out of these zones. Decontamination gear is strongly recommended.

Colonies on this world tell stories about mutant people who still live in the exclusion zones, but no lingering survivors were ever confirmed.

Ice Processing Facilies

The Yugumo Corporation has extensive ice processing and cargo terminals on Jiyuu V. Harvested Ice Blocks are melted or kept frozen and shipped to other worlds in the Yamatai Star Empire that lack potable water. These facilities also supply freshwater to Star Army of Yamatai ships and bases.

Abandoned Peacekeeper Base

An abandoned United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces base is located just outside of the Port Pine Exclusion Zone. The base was evacuated at the same time as the colonies and several of the facilities were bombed. Salvage was planned by the Star Army of Yamatai, but with the Kuvexian War in full swing in YE 42, it is likely that salvage will be opened up to private corporations and entities shortly. Decontamination of salvage and visiting personnel are mandatory as that radiation levels in this area are high. Unexploded ordinance and other hazards are likely to be found on the base.

Orbital Assets

The Star Army of Yamatai established a "Guriddo" Defense System as part of the Jiyuu System Defense Plan laid out by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 42. The system includes:

The planet also has an orbiting network of Emrys Satellites for communications that were deployed by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 36.

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