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Naiva is the home planet of the L'Kor and is the second planet in the Drib Star System.

More about Naiva

A forest and water planet, Naiva is a part of the Drib Star System and is the home world to the L'Kor, an oligarchical race of feathered, winged, obstinate creatures.


Drib, the star by which Naiva rotates, is a yellow dwarf that shines brightly on the L'Kor home world and creates 22 hour days and years, called IL to L'Kor, that are half that of the Yamataian Calendar.


The environment on Naiva is one of ease and comfort. There are two seasons every IL, the dry and rainy season. The ground is mostly forested, except in the high mountains, in which there is snow in the rainy season every other IL.


There are 4 billion L'Kor that live on the planet Naiva.


There are 30,000 cities, of which most of them are multi-tiered. There are houses and what can be called buildings in the treetops, a place for the upper or middle class. Then there are those houses and small shops and restaurants on the ground, which are for the lower classes to live in.

Example of a Lower Class City

Here is an example of a lower class city.

Art by Banzz

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