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Nell is the habitable planet in the Nellrun system. It is a large Earth-like planet with an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Nell has no distinguishable continents, and all the planet's rivers flow into a single ocean in the western hemisphere. On the opposite side of the planet to the ocean is vast, unbroken desert. There are two settlements on the planet, a conventional starport filled with familiar species, and nearby trading post where the people are much more foreign and exotic, and unknown species are commonplace.

Nell Starport

This small, decrepit starport has a crane system and a set of carts and rails that lead to a set of warehouses. It also has decent repair facilities, a multi-species medical clinic, and a large underground shelter full of mattresses designated as the public sleeping area, and a waffle diner. There is no fuel station but sometimes ships bring fuel to sell.

Waffle Hut

The Waffle Hut is a greasy classic-style diner.

The Sleepy Starship

The Sleepy Starship is a bar built inside a burned-out starship hull. It is known for its punch bowl. The bartender is a bald Nepleslian man with deep blue eyes. He's packing a Zen Armaments 'Little Killer'.

Jobs and Rumors

  1. An alien crime lord named C'Oshan needs someone to discover the fate of a cargo spaceship lost in the Blue Rift Expanse.
  2. An alien corporate agent named Honi needs someone to recover an object from the ruins of the Delve Colony. Further, the job requires the party to travel through a planetary debris cloud.

NPCs present

There are some adventurers in here looking for work:

  1. Dina Cizael: Female Elysian Engineer. Dn'Cizo has blue feathers and narrow wings. She wears current fashion and carries a tablet computer, a dagger, a plush dog, and a stick of incense.
  2. Mike Homestash: Male Nepleslian Technician. Miny is tall, with curly white hair and bright silver eyes. He wears military uniform and carries a toolkit.
  3. Marterr Storra: Male Human Scientist. Marterr has green hair and narrow silver eyes. He wears a gray jumpsuit and carries a tablet computer, a bottle of pills, a spool of thread, a hair brush, and a screwdriver. Marterr compulsively scratches an old scar.
  4. XF-98: Exploration Robot. XF-98 has a reinforced frame and glowing blue eyes, and is equipped with various sensors and a defensive fletchette pistol. It is programmed to be cautious and inquisitive.
  5. Tery Campbak: Male Nepleslian Smuggler. Tery is short, with straight red hair and brown eyes. He wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a stunner, a pissed-off cat, a bottle of paint, a plush unicorn, and a quartz crystal.
  6. Arler-142: Assassin Robot. Arler-142 has four multi-jointed arms and a force shield generator, and is armed with a concealed monofilament whip. It speaks with beeps and clicks.
  7. Jerry Rezal: Male Nepleslian Smuggler. Jerry has long auburn hair and hazel eyes. He wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a laser pistol. Jery is pleasant and disloyal.
  8. Bevirg Righte: Female NH-22C Yamataian Technician. Bevirg is thin, with blue hair and soft gray eyes. She wears a military-style uniform and carries a laser cutter/welder. Bevirg suffers an acute fear of blood.
  9. Ares: Combat Robot. Ares has heavy armor and a targeting laser, and is armed with a pulse laser rifle. It is haughty and merciless.

Nell Trading Post

A small trading post is operated on Nell by various alien merchants.

  • Not much is known about the trading post at this time. (OOC: GMs, make stuff up!)

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