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Nesha Prime (Planet)

Type: Terrestrial, forested world
System: Nesha System
Stellar Radius: 1.54 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity: 12.5 g's
Length of Day: 34 hours
Length of Year: 423
Population: 8.2 Billion1)
Satallites: 3
Orbital Stations: 3
Affiliation: Kingdom of Neshaten

Background History

Nesha Prime was settled by the remnants of the Neshaten; their three ships arrived in orbit, but only the smaller of the three survived. Wreckage of two larger colonies can be seen from orbit, spread across two whole continents. The planet has thick forests and is broken up into several islands. There is a thunderstorm that is constantly active, always moving across the planet, this storm results in an island always having some form of weather at least once a month. In short, there is rarely any dry-weather. Thick clouds produced by this storm make flight travel impossible, and thus atmospheric orbital stations are built over every large continent to help house travelers and merchants who jump from one island to another.

Opening in the storm occurs once every hour and only lasts for a few minutes, because of this, during these large storms delays are natural.



There are four continents, but each one is actually interconnected by land-bridges that are slowly disappearing. The major cities on each continent include Netoshen, Lewren-Vascen, Sereia, and May'nale.

Central Continent

The Central Continent is the location of the Kingdom's capital, it also houses the primary industrial and military centers of the planet.

  • Netoshen: The main capital of the Neshaten Kingdom and one of the largest cities on the planet, with a diameter of roughly eight six miles round. The city is lined by very high walls with defensive emplacements to protect the city from possible invasion. The city is split up into sections, with the outer most section housing industrial centers and the inner most section housing residential and commercial areas. The city itself four thousand and eighty-two square kilometers.
  • Kester: A city located on the same continent as Netoshen, serves as the primary trading hub for shipping and commerce. Kester is well known for its shipyard production facilities which exist a few miles away from the city. Because of this, Kester is actually more heavily defended than the capital, but only by a slight amount. Kester serves as the patrol base for the continent, and thus houses almost 70% of the entire continents military; it has multiple launch tunnels to allow warships and fighters to easily deploy in the event of an attack on the planet or capital and to prevent the large underground military base from being blockaded.
  • Gamray Shipyards: Located within the military zone just off the coast of the capital, the Gamray Shipyards were built just twenty years after the capital was established but originally only built water-born vessels. They were converted to build starships in ER 645, but later replaced in ER 745 by a new shipyard built in orbit of the planet. Still, these shipyards are still important as they serve as an additional repair dock and even a construction bay for water-borne vessels. They can still build space-born ships though and were used to build the experimental FTL shuttles even when they weren't originally intended for that purpose.
  • Ram'tena: Ram'tena is the military city located around Gamray Shipyards. It's a massive city made up entirely of military personnel and also serves as the location of the Kingdom's main research facilities. Ironically, while its surface might make it appear unappealing to invaders, due to the lack of noticeable military infrastructure; its underground is quite different as it contains a very large hanger bay to store small to medium tonnage vessels.
  • Sasa'ne: A spaceport city that also has one of the planet's main space elevators.
  • lui_mashe_yuasheLui'mashe'yuashe: A city whose foundation and purpose are to perform diplomatic actions away from the capital, out of concern that if anything were to go wrong, the capital and its people would remain safe.

Northern Continent

A continent located toward the planet's northern pole, one of the colder climate areas of the planet. Has a small landbridge connecting it to the eastern continent, but this landbridge is often washed out at least five seasons out of a year; because of this, the continents are not considered one.

  • Ne'ushae: Also known as Ne'ushae Academy, is a large school city run by a single noble family. It is prized for its excellent education and safe environment as well as its military instruction.
  • Ka’teneh’ae: Ka’teneh’ae is a large military city found on the continent; like Kester, its forces protect the continent from both domestic and external threats. Unlike Kester though, it contains the largest number of star fighter squadrons and is considered the main hub for them.
  • Chin'tre: A hidden city located in a rather desolate region of the continent, orbital scans show nothing on the surface to indicate a city; and the region is blanketed by reports of unstable crystals, leaving the area rather devoid of any life.

Western Continent

The Western Continent contains the highest concentration of Lunabaren Crystals found on the home planet. Only one city exists on the continent, although multiple mining towns pepper its surface.

  • Lewren-vascen: Lewran-Vascen is a city located on the western continent, this city is primarily an industrial complex, which helps mine crystals from the crystals caverns that permeate the continent and the waters around it. Because of how volatile the crystals are, the continent is considered a military zone, any shuttles headed to the continent must go to Lewren-Vascen first. Any shuttles wanting to fly inward must either be worker shuttles or shuttles with the central government authorization, otherwise, the military 'will' shot down any unauthorized shuttles.

Eastern Continent

Located to the east of the central continent, the Eastern continent is prized for having lush landscapes and plentiful soul which makes it ideal for farming communities.

  • Sereia: Located on the eastern continent, Seriea is an entertainment city that boasts some of the best entertainment on the planet, the city uses a combination of the continents natural beauty including its majestic waterfalls and plush forests to help generate entertainment by creating games or tourist attractions. Sereia is overseen by the Nis'henon Media Group.
  • We'mena: A city that serves as the main port of call for the continent.
  • Zui'tashe'ne: One of a small number of arctic cities that exists within the Kingdom, despite its location it is actually the second-largest city in the Kingdom.

Southern Continent

Located toward the planet's southern pole; like the northern continent, the continent is unique because it has both a cold and desert area.

  • Viral'ne: Viral'ne is a prison located in the harsh deserts of the southern continent, the prison is used to house the kingdoms most dangerous criminals and is also the location of executions.
  • May'nale: Located on the Southern Continent on the western edge, serves as the trading port for the continent. May'nale is actually located in the deep forests of the continent and makes it home around a very large tree that is the most prominent feature of the city, while it serves as a trading port, it is also the planets main supplier of several raw materials, including steel, iron, copper, and many more.

Miscellious Cities

  • Le'yena: An underwater research city located just off the coast of Netoshen.
  • Ki'olanan: A city located beneath the ocean, it is located in a planets largest underwater fissure that currently lays dormant; the city is currently under construction; with completion not set until EE 004.

Points of Interest

  • Gemeni Memorial: Gemeni Memorial is the location of two of the largest evacuation transports that had crashed on the surface of the planet. Although most of the ship is at the bottom of the ocean, at least some of its debris is strewn about for over several kilometers, extending from a beach inland, the memorial itself completely encapsulates the debris field. There is a plaque commemorating the dead.
  • Germon Memorial: Germon is the name of the evacuation transport that burned up in the atmosphere and exploded. The memorial is located at the top of a mountain range, which holds the only piece of the ship to ever be found - a small hull fragment.
  • cheston_monastery: A religious structure that was built on the highest mountain that has a commanding view of the capital and ocean, it's favored due to it's height and religious significance.
  • stades_childrens_hospital: Known as one of the most important hospitals within the kingdom, and perhaps the largest, St'ades is a hospital dedicated to the care of Kit's who were born with disabilities that make them either incapable of operating independently in society, or who were diagnosed with conditions so severe that the Kit's family can't help them.
  • kingsto_archives: A large library found beneath the capital, it is often referred to as the 'Infinite Library' due to the considerable amount of information stored there.
  • Gui'adahe'yutshe Prison: A prison located several kilometers from the capita; its notable for being located in the Valley of Death, which is where the prison gets its name from.

Military Zone

A military zone is an area on the planet that is protected by the military and often times frequented by military ships both space and water-born. Soldiers are commonplace along with their vehicular assets. There is a military zone located around every major city for protection and around all of the planets defensive batteries and the Gamray Shipyards. Most military zones are accompanied by an FOB or Forward Operating Base.


Nesha Prime has an unpredictable weather pattern due to the constant presence of a very large hurricane that covers nearly one-fourth of the planet's surface. There are high winds during most of the evening hours usually accompanied by light rain, accompanied by sky lightning, or lightning that is generated yet there are no clouds in the area.

The Hurricane that covers nearly twenty-five percent of the planet's surface contains very high winds, which is the reason why most of the cities and buildings on the surface are built with structural reinforcements. The winds are clocked at nearly three to four hundred miles per hour toward the outer area of the eye, then begin to temper off toward the edges of the storm.

Windbreakers located in every city help reduce the speed of the wind, typically within a city, the winds average thirty to twenty-one miles per hour and sometimes lower but occasionally even higher, as high as sixty or even eighty miles per hour. In places such as the capital, which has a lot of windbreakers due to its heavy reinforced concrete walls built to protect the city from invaders, coupled with windbreaker generators that are located on the outskirts of town, the wind typically tempers off to just under a hundred miles per hour.

This hurricane, however, isn't alone in its heavy winds, accompanied is a dangerous phenomenon known as Rase'ni'a or, Spiked Rain. Spiked Rain occurs mostly in the upper areas of the storm or when the climate is unusually cold, spiked rain is rain that has been crystallized and forms a ball with various spikes on its outer surface. The rain can kill any unprotected person, so usually when Spiked Rain is present people either stay indoors. Luckily, Spiked Rain only lasts for ten minutes and is usually replaced by regular rain afterward. Spiked Rain can be recognized easily by how it comes on slowly, thus giving people ample time to seek shelter.



All major continental cities have a mass-transportation system. Subway ride on light rails that helps reduce friction and maintenance needed, because of the transit system and how its design, all of the major cities can transport people via the mass-transit line between their respective cities. In short, the continental cities are the hubs for getting to other continents when people either don't have the funds or don't have the desire to ride shuttles that typically move between the cities.


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