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No'menshan 2

⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

No'menshan 2 is a mysterious world to the Kingdom of Neshaten, it is classified as a potential research location. The planet itself has yet to be explored and has only had a probe fly-by.

Background History

No'menshan is an anomaly when it comes to worlds and what might be on them. Almost ten thousand years prior to its discovery by the Neshaten, the world was at the epicenter of a naturally occurring faster than light dead zone, this anomaly resulted in the planets materials being turned into the very crystals the Neshaten collect, the crystals they called Lunebarens.

Originally these crystals were located deep beneath the planets surface, but two hundred years prior to its discovery, those crystals began to inhabit the surface of the world. This resulted in the eco-system being thrown into turmoil, with plants and animals both dying off in a matter of years, leaving only those who were strong enough to survive in what would be considered a hellish landscape.

Very few areas of the planet were spared from this creeping crystal, which spreads slowly across the surface of the planet, engulfing anything in its path - whether it is a ancient long abandoned building, a rock, or a plant. Only high mountains and areas above a certain altitude seem to be safe from this crystallized death.


Fly-by exploratory probes show the weather of the planet to be one of constantly occurring storms, with dense cloud cover making it difficult to isolate whether other types of weather exists; there is a large blue 'spot' that covers an area roughly two hundred kilometers in diameter and moves at roughly two kilometers a day.

Winds are nearly three hundred kilometers an hour and can gust at almost nine hundred kilometers in the upper atmosphere, while areas below the cloud cover are more tame, with an average wind speed of one hundred and sixty kilometers an hour and gusting at two hundred and forty four.

Temperatures alternate between the highs and lows, areas that are dense in the crystallized substance can drop to negative 67 degrees Celsius.


Nearly forty eight percent of the landmass of the planet is covered in the crystallized substance, this substance spreads at a rate of half a kilometer every year; rivers that run parallel to this substance take on a glowing bluish tint. Areas that are currently untouched by this substance are still quite green, with lush forests and expansive plains that also has an abundance of plant life and animals that have been able to survive in the changing climate.

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