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Polup is the homeworld to the Elefirn and is the second planet in the Adir Star System.

More about Polup

Polup is a forested planet with marginal expanses of water interspersed with small islands and large continents. The majority of the planet has waterways and rivers intersecting it with its fair share of plains as well as ice caps. It is home to the Elefirn of the system Adir.


The Star, Adir, that Polup rotates around shines dully on the planet and is a fading star, one that creates 36 hour days on the planet and pulses faintly and a full rotation around the star equates to one BE, which roughly translates to two YE on the Yamataian Calendar.


Polup is a planet that has two very different seasons. The cold, wet, snowy season that affects half of the planet and the bright, warm, sunny one that affects the other half, relative to the angle of the planet's axis in relation to Adir.


The planet has several thousand large and small cities, each of which has the classic Erefirn bearing of being only quasi-cosmopolitan. On many levels, they are only places to congregate when not out in the bush.


There are 2 million Elefirn living on the planet of Polup.

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