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New Roisia

Roisa is the second planet of the Vonaâsiâi (Twins) system. It was settled during 755 CY (YE 36).

About Roisia

Roisia is a frigid world that most of the surface is frozen water or permafrost. A narrow band along the equator actually reaches temps above freezing. There is very little deviation in the weather due to the slight axial tilt. The only external factor that affects the planet is the interaction of the Primary and Companion stars. There is a single settlement maintained by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo to gather resources.

Due to the low atmospheric pressure all structures are pressurized to standard. When working outside Poku'vonai use oxygen-increased respirators to avoid hypoxia. Working in the mountains they must wear pressure suits or space suits.


Prior Name: Ganjo 2

Roisia flat map

Roisia globe

Planetary Details

The following are the details about the planet itself. Other links will provide details about life on it.


  • Type: Small ocean
  • Radius 1,564.11 km (0.25 x earth)
  • Surface Area: 3.07 x 107 km2
  • Land Area: 3.38 x 106 km2 (0.02 x earth)
  • Mass: 9.69 x 1022 kg (0.02 x earth)
  • Density: 6.04 g/cm3 (1.10 x earth)
  • Composition: 35.4% titanium, 23.7% oxygen, 23.1% iron, 12.6% silicon, 5.0% other metals, 0.4% other elements


  • Gravity: 2.63 m/s2 (0.27 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity: 2.87 km/s


  • Period: 20.11 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 1.26 °


  • Water: 90 %
  • Ice: 61 %


  • Type: Thin standard
  • Pressure: 39.55 kPa (0.39 x earth)
  • Composition: 74.1% nitrogen, 25.9% oxygen, trace other gases


  • Type: Very cold
  • Min Temp: 206 K (-66 °C, -86.8 °F)
  • Avg Temp: 264 K (-8 °C, 17.6 °F)
  • Max Temp: 314 K (41 °C, 105.8 °F)



  • Features: Advanced alien artifact


Settlement Qamis

  • A harvest settlement called Qamis, it is located about 20 km from the Frontier Sky harbor. It is near the equator putting in in the warmest region of the planet.

Qamis location

Roisia Frontier Mâhoa'sa Âdor

The Mâhoa'sa Âdor (Small Sky Harbor) serves as a frontier spaceport. It has the following features:

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