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Founded in YE 36 by Nepleslia, Shinjiyuu is the solitary habitable planet in the Shinjiyuu star system. It is orbited by three moons. It was explored and cartographed by a military survey ship from the DION.

History of Shinjiyuu

Shinjiyuu was named as a new planet for Jiyuuian refugees coming to Nepleslia. The colony world of Pryedain was initially ear-marked as the location for Jiyuuian resettlement. However, immigration of Jiyuuians from other star nations as well as the natural growth of the population exceeded the colony's ability to support them entirely.

When the military returned with the survey of systems up to the Green Nebula, the relative proximity of System R-2 and its composition made it an ideal world for Jiyuuian colonization.

Three waves of 15,000 colonists each were planned to be the initial settlement. In addition to the colonists, military engineers were dispatched to help speed up the colony's construction efforts.

The first wave was dispatched at the end of YE 36, founding the town of Momotoshi and its outlying farming settlements. The town was named after the first baby born on the planet.

Geography of Shinjiyuu

All four of the planet's land masses lie along its equator, resulting in different climates depending on how far north or south one is located. As the planet has a 24 hour day cycle, that would mean at least one continent is always on the night side of the planet.

The continents are not yet named, retaining their military numbering. Momotoshi is located on Continent No. 2. Plans to name the continents have been made but delayed until all of the colonists arrive so that the names could be put to a vote.

Much of the land is wooded, with few plains. The location of Momotoshi and its client farmlands were cleared by military engineers to speed up the colonization process. It was founded deliberately a relatively flat area of the continent. Further north and south are hilly areas that would make foundational construction more difficult. Thirty kilometers east is the coast and some have already talked about setting up a fishing village there to get access to seafood.

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