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Shugosha IX

Shugosha IX is the ninth planet in the Shugosha System; it is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Shugosha IX Landscape

About Shugosha IX

The Mercury-sized planet was discovered and explored by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 30. Far from its star, the surface of the freezing, barren planet is covered entirely in Methane Clathrate snowpack several kilometers thick, above a frozen ocean of methane dotted by the occasional freshwater iceberg.

Here and there, crystalline β€œislands” were pushed up from the rocky silicate core of the planet from impacts that penetrated the ocean, giving most of them a partial ring-shaped ridge. The planet's two frozen, rocky, irregularly-shaped moons appear to be remnants of one of those ancient impacts. Shugosha IX has a thin, unbreathable atmosphere of carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor.

In YE 33 when the NMX attacked the United Outer Colonies Shugosha IX was largely spared from the conflict due to its remoteness, hostile environment, and comparative lack of resources other than methane and methane-tainted water.

Statistics for Shugosha IX
Type Ice Planet
PAINT Station No
Facilities and Bases No
Colony None
Population 0
Moons Shugosha IXa and Shugosha IXb

Places to Explore or Salvage

For the most part, Shugosha IX is a barren little iceball. The only real opportunities for here are in methane extraction. There are plenty of other places to get water.

Orbital Assets

The Star Army of Yamatai established a "Guriddo" Defense System as part of the Shugosha System Defense Plan laid out by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 42. The system includes:

Shugosha IX has no communications network.

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