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Takara I

Takara I is the fifth Planets in the UX-27 System, it was explored by YSS Aeon in YE 31.


This planet has an atmosphere similar to Planet Yamatai, oxygen and nitrogen at acceptable levels at a slightly higher pressure. It is a verdant world when viewed from orbit. There are three large landmasses and oceans cover approximately sixty percent of the surface. This world is rich in minerals.

Located on the largest landmass an ancient city of unknown origin is large enough to be visible from orbit. A small Kamakiri lattice exists in the heart of the great desert on the smallest continent. The crew of the Aeon named the planet Takara (Treasure) due to the quality of the world.

Statistics for Rogue
Type Terrestrial Planet
Radius 5.2 AU
Period 27 hr
Gravity 1.2 G
PAINT Station No
Facilities and Bases Yes
Colony No
Population Kamakiri (Small)
Satellites 3

NMX Outpost

While expanding their areas, the NMX created an outpost at UX-27 System on the planet of Takara. The planet contains rich minerals that could be used to supply its forces and facilities. The NMX build a NMX Standard Small Starport and was able to finish it for 2/3 of it until they had to abandon the system in YE 34 to support the war against the Yamatai Star Empire.

In YE 42, after a NMX Scout crash landed, the outpost was reactivated by Sif Giheregu.


There are inactive satellites present in orbit of Takara I and the two of the three moons. One satellite is from the YSS Aeon still in orbit of the smallest moon. The two others are from the NMX origin.

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