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Touketsu frozen is the second planet in the SX-05 system, the Star Army of Yamatai established a colony Kago and fort on the planet in YE 32. They also established Fort Garanchou.

This is a fairly cold and barren world. Most of the land mass is tundra, and its frigid temperatures limit the types of plant life that can survive. The majority of the oceans above the tropics are frozen. It is able to support life on land but the life has to be able to deal with cooler temperatures. Most of the life forms in this biosphere are found in the oceans.


The Yamatai Star Empire placed orbital communications networks of Emrys Satellites around all of the terrestrial planets in YE 36.

About Touketsu フローズン

Heading Details
Type: Terrestrial
Stellar radius: 1.15 AU
Planetary radius: 7,845 km
Surface gravity: .89 G
Escape Velocity: 9.812 km/sec
Rotation (day): 32.5 hr
Length of year: 1.21 years (441.69 days)
Number of satellites: 2
Population: 100,000


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