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Uvarun 3

Uvarun 3 is classified as a military stronghold for the Kingdom of Neshaten. It was actually the first planet of the Uvarun system to be colonized in EE 000.

Background History

Not much is known about Uvarun's past before the Neshaten colonized it, mostly since scientists are still investigating and collecting data. What is naturally known is that the Neshatne colonized the planet shortly after it's discovery, this was due to the planets very strong electromagnetic storms that ravage the surface of the planet. These storms generated a number of problems for the NSV-She'tan'ora and resulted in their sensors being unable to penetrate through the clouds.

Other problems resulted in the ship being unable to send scientific teams to the surface, as their shuttles weren't strong enough to withstand the high winds and blowing dust that easily got into crevices and shorted out systems.

It would take other ships to actually explore the planet before the military finally went down to colonize it. However, because of the weather on the surface, they couldn't place a base of operations there so instead the military opted for an underground base and choose a mountain range that looked perfect for the job.

Because of this, the planet is designated as a military complex by the Navy.


Uvarun 3 is known to the scientific community as having strong electromagnetic storms that damage electronics and block out currently known sensors and scanning equipment. This storm also has strong winds and blowing dust from it's rocky surface.


The planets surface is covered in rocky hills and mountains, water is trapped in underground resevoirs along with sheets of ice that can be found under the mountains and some hills. There are some flat plains but most are located in the planets norther hemisphere while the more rocky and mountanious areas are located in the southern hemisphere.

Despite it's harsh weather, there is evidence of animal life on the surface, although most seems to only exist in the planets northern regions.

Points of Interest

Fur'tronen Naval Base

Nestled in what is called the Hicron Mountains is the Fur'tronen naval base, a base designed to serve as a stronghold and one of the Neshaten's first line of defenses in the event of external threats. The base was named after a Neshaten Watcher who was board the NSV-She'tan'ora who suggested the mountains as a great place to build, due to the large mineral deposit that naturally block radio and sensor signals from Neshaten vessels.

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