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UX-29 III is an uninhabited terrestrial planet in the UX-29 star system.

Planet Details

  • Type: Standard metallic
  • Radius: 6784.89 km (1.06 x earth)
  • Surface Area: 5.78 x 108 km2
  • Land Area: 5.84 x 108 km2 (3.92 x earth)
  • Mass: 8.46 x 1024 kg (1.42 x earth)
  • Density: 6.46 g/cm3 (1.17 x earth)
  • Composition: 38.8% aluminum, 30.1% iron, 17.1% oxygen, 10.8% silicon, 3.2% other metals, trace other elements


  • Gravity: 12.20 m/s2 (1.25 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity: 12.87 km/s


  • Period: 23.17 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 9.87 ยฐ


  • Water: 0 %
  • Ice: 15 %


  • Type: Thin toxic
  • Pressure: 35.79 kPa (0.35 x earth)
  • Composition: 77.1% carbon dioxide, 22.9% oxygen, trace other gases


  • Type: Cool
  • Min Temp: 166 K (-106 ยฐC)
  • Avg Temp: 294 K (21 ยฐC)
  • Max Temp: 304 K (31 ยฐC)

Abandoned Mishhuvurthyar Base

After Uesu's Fleet passed through the system in YE 30 several dozen Nekovalkyrja were captured and experimented on in this facility. Some were butchered, others dissected, and still more became zombies thanks to Mishhu Parasites. After gathering as much information as possible and removing any useful supplies from the base, it was abandoned by YE 34. The 'surviving' zombified Neko were left behind along with a dormant parasite swarm as a surprise for any future visitors.

In the first month of YE 37 the crew of the YSS Heartbreaker explored the facility on their first stop retracting the route of Uesu's Fleet. Several crew members were injured when the parasites and zombies attacked. Finding no evidence of Uesu or any other value, the site was marked for elimination by Tsukisaki Valesti, and destroyed by the Star Army of Yamatai later that year.

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