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UX-7 I

UX-7 is the first planet in the UX-7 system. It is notable for being home to a race of carbon-based humanoids who stake out a primitive living on its arid surface.


The civilization is agriculturally based with a medium level of agricultural innovation. The government is a Constitutional Monarchy and the society operates with an upper and lower social class divided by strength. It uses gold bars as currency in its socialist economic form. Its main products are crops, furniture, and fabrics. There is a medium level of architectural innovation, an relatively advanced education system, and an exceptional system of health care for the technology level.

The legal system is a multi-level court system. Slavery is illegal and relatively nonexistent. The main religion is polytheistic with multiple equal deities representing nature, and traditions include fasting and human sacrifice. The literacy rate is 60%. The language spoken is similar to the old English language. Additional languages are nonexistent.

35% of citizens in the cities, 20% in small villages, and the remainder in the hamlets. The civilization is in a time of peace. The military technology level is poor, and roughly 5% of the population serve in the armed forces. Military technology is sub-par. This civilization is defensive in international relations and foreign policy.

These people's thick, wavy hair is red to blonde and their eyes are generally brown, grey, or blue. Their height ranges from 5'6โ€œ to 6'6โ€ and their build tends to be wiry. Their skin is light creamy brown, and they have angular faces.

These people's style is generally no-nonsense, featuring a lot of long flowing skirts and tight-fitting tops. They wear colors such as royal purple, saffron and crimson. The usual material is a thin linen.

Scientific Data


  • Standard iron/silicate
  • Radius 6041.64 km (0.95 x earth)
  • Surface Area 4.59 x 108 km2
  • Land Area 4.27 x 108 km2 (2.86 x earth)
  • Mass 5.30 x 1024 kg (0.89 x earth)
  • Density 5.74 g/cm3 (1.04 x earth)
  • Composition 34.2% iron, 25.9% oxygen, 17.2% silicon, 13.6% titanium, 9.2% other metals, trace other elements
  • Gravimetry
  • Gravity 9.64 m/s2 (0.99 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity 10.79 km/s


  • Period 16.22 hours
  • Axis Tilt 50.71 ยฐ


  • Water 8 %
  • Ice 4 %


  • Type Standard toxic
  • Pressure 110.58 kPa (1.09 x earth)
  • Composition 62.9% sulfur dioxide, 21.1% oxygen, 16.1% argon, trace other gases


  • Standard
  • Min Temp 225 K (-47 ยฐC)
  • Avg Temp 296 K (23 ยฐC)
  • Max Temp 391 K (118 ยฐC)


  • Chemistry Carbon
  • Lifeforms Microbes, fungi, sentient humanoids


  • Type Alien Homeworld
  • Population 14.21 million
  • Society Constitutional Monarchy
  • Tech Level Bronze Age (domesticated animals, bronze tools and weapons)

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