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Yicuqibu I

Yicuqibu I is a huge terrestrial planet orbiting the dim red star of Yicuqibu. It belongs to Yamatai Star Empire and functions as a mining site and a dump. It is a dry, high-gravity world with a population of around 400,000. It is littered with garbage.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

Planetary History

RP Locations

These are notable sites of interest. There are only a few cities present on Yicuqibu I. Due to the high gravity these cities are built mainly underground. They use artificial gravity generators to lower the gravity within the cities to 1G.


Population 130,000, this city is located in the mountains to the north. One of the few places on the planet with abundant life, and water in the form of dense ice packs on the planet. The economy is agrarian with traditional farms, and also massive algae farms as well. Ice is harvested melted down and sold to the other communities.


Population 180,000, named because it lies just east of a large dry sea. The city has a number of massive wind turbine farms that harvest the constant winds and sells the surplus electricity to the other communities.

Second Chance Salvage Corporation is based in Dustown, and stores much of its inventory in the flat plains of the dry sea.

Zerza Spaceport

This small starport outside Dustown is owned by local family of displaced Nepleslian Reds and has a population of 34,118. In addition the landing area it has a forklift and pallets, an experienced starship mechanic, a starship-style medical lab, an abandoned warehouse where travelers and the homeless sleep, and a donut shop.

Overall the starport is urban feeling with graffiti-covered concrete everywhere. Security consists of handlers with trained attack lizards and local rules include a law requiring all persons to carry melee weapons or face fines (to protect themselves from burrowing sand worms).

Starport Shop

A small shop in the spaceport is selling the following:

  • .45 Ammunition
  • Decorative/Ceremonial Swords
  • Diamond Survival Knife
  • Distortion sensor
  • 8 Graviton Beam Projectors
  • 3 Infrared Spectrometer
  • Intact container of Mishhu Toxins
  • 2 Magnetic Resonance Scanner
  • 1 Telepathic Activity Scanner
  • 1 Interferometer
  • Karaoke Machine with Microphone and songs
  • 15 Optical sensors
  • 2 Organic Air Recyclers
  • 9 Ovens
  • 2 Ultra Compact Fusion Generator
  • 7 Volumetric projectors


Population 25,000, named because it lines adjacent to an inactive fault. The main production of this city is ore from the mines in which they operate the M.O.L.E.S. - Mineral Ore Location and Extraction System.

Fort Point

In YE 33 the 4SF established a Frontier Fort as a point of defense for the surface of the planet. The fort is located 10 miles from Zerza Spaceport. It's considered one of the worst places to be assigned.


Population 16,000, this town is located in the north arctic region. It is a mining town for semi-precious stones. The output from the mines are processed and then shipped off-planet or to artisans on the planet.

Planetary Data

The section contains the planet's “stats.”


  • Large iron/silicate
  • Radius 9620.01 km (1.51 x earth)
  • Surface Area 1.16 x 109 km2
  • Land Area 1.15 x 109 km2 (7.73 x earth)
  • Mass 2.10 x 1025 kg (3.51 x earth)
  • Density 5.62 g/cm3 (1.02 x earth)
  • Composition 37.9% iron, 25.3% oxygen, 20.1% silicon, 16.2% aluminum, 0.5% other metals, trace other elements


  • Gravity 15.05 m/s2 (1.54 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity 17.01 km/s


  • Period 36.86 hours
  • Axis Tilt 22.01 °


  • Water 2 %
  • Ice 4 %


  • Standard breathable
  • Pressure 87.89 kPa (0.87 x earth)
  • Composition 71.8% argon, 28.0% oxygen, 0.2% sulfur dioxide, trace other gases


  • Min Temp 195 K (-77 °C/-106.6 F°)
  • Avg Temp 301 K (28 °C/82.4 F°)
  • Max Temp 319 K (46 °C/114.8 F°)


  • Chemistry Carbon
  • Lifeforms Prokaryotic microbes
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