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Zeddados Prime

⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

Zeddados Prime is the Homeworld of the Kudah species of the Valsh'Nar Empire. The planet itself is very mountainous, with large canyons cut out by the large planetary river systems. The mountains are covered by coniferous trees, making up a large forest that covers most of the planets except for the large continental desert in the western hemisphere.

Planetary Statistics

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  • Type: Mountainous Habitable world
  • Radius: 4500 Miles
  • Surface Area: 254469004.940 Miles^2
  • Mass: 1.1562177744135E+25 kilograms


  • Gravity: 1.5 G (
  • Escape Velocity: 14.709975 meter/second^2

Rotation and Revolution

  • Period: 30 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 15 Degrees
  • Orbiting: Kar'tuk
  • Orbital Radius: 98 million miles
  • Orbital Period: 400 Standard Days


  • Water: 38%
  • Ice: 16%
  • Clouds: 22%


  • Type: A Cooler Temperate world
  • Composition:
    • 25% Oxygen, 74% Nitrogen, 1%other


  • Type: A Cooler temperate world, large hot desert in the west.
  • Minimum Temperature: -58 F
  • Maximum Temperature: 125 F
  • Average Temperature: 37-72 F
    • Day: 65 F
    • Night: 42 F


  • Tarla (Day moon)
  • Zarla (Night moon)
  • Varna Gol (Large Civilian Spaceport)

Flora and Fauna of Note

* Spotted Miniature Warp Llama

Population Statistics

Population Statistics
Approx. Total Population 1,250,000,000
Racial Distribution 75% Kudah, 20% Karshvick 4% Pakoli 1% Zezaku
Gender Distribution N/A
Growth Rate
Immigration Rate

Major Facilities and Settlements

  • Karta'th Gol (Capitol)
  • Marta Gol
  • Tonku Gol
  • Mon'kai Gol
  • Zek Gol (Space Station)
  • Karsh Gol (Military Base)
  • Darlath Montar ( Pakoli Trading hub city. Only known permanent Paokli settlement)

Major and Historical Events

Non-Roleplay Metaplot

(Events that didn’t involve one plot in particular and had setting changing consequences, an example being the Battle of Yamatai.)

Plot Roleplay Events

(Events that could be as simple as the plot visiting this planet or as complex as the Miharu crew’s epic tale during the Battle of Yamatai.)

Characters from this World

(Characters that where born or created here.)

OOC Notes

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OOC Notes

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