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188604 is a Independent plot run by GM Zack. Its concept is to create a space that can be interacted with fairly freely by the rest of the setting. If another plotship wants to stop by, or someone wants to stumble across the planet then a serious effort will be made to encourage the outside interference in the plot.

The plot itself centers around a low tech world listed as 188604 on Elysian starcharts. With Uso running low on cash she hatches a scheme to hire some friends and go use modern weapons to take over the planet. Though the planet's armies don't pose much of a threat to modern power armor, there are plenty of other concerns that go along with trying to run a planet.

Plot Details

Age Requirement: 16
Format: JPs when time permitting
Pacing: 1 Jp every 1-2 weeks

About Pacing

The plot is designed to give a small open area for RP to accommodate some RP that is fairly self-contained and doesn't require a lot of time committed. Though there will be a core 'storyline' there will also be opportunities for one off JPs involving whoever decides to stop by.

About The GM

Zack joined the site in 2005ish, and has GMed several plots including the tail end of the GSS Yui, The GSS Seigi, The NSS Alliance and the Nepleslian 4th fleet plot.

He is usually online between 8am and 11pm, with RP availability usually being later in the day.

About the Co-GM

Jack Pine, is the latest Co-GM and is authorized to help run the plot.


YE 38 Arc 1 [188604]

During Love Day, Uso agrees to go on a blind date. For better or worse she ended up discussing hypothetically taking over a low technology world with Raphael Castiel. The low tech world in question was one the Elysians had stumbled across years ago, but had ultimately left alone as it was not worth the trouble.

A few weeks later she'd decide to go for it, putting together a team made up of friends and mercenaries. The bulk of the force being made up of the Ragnarok PMC.

The group arrived planet side, and immediately hit the largest city they could find, striking during the middle of a local conflict and killing many of the leaders. They quickly established themselves at the main power in the area, as muskets and cannons were essentially useless against power armors capable of throwing horses at people. When the dust settled, the group set about 'uplifting' their little corner of the world.

General Aaron Grant had participated in the conflict, and only just barely escaped being found by Uso by ditching his uniform. Him, along with his right hand Rubi and consort Celeste would start forming a resistance movement against Uso's group.


After the initial battle of Osman City, the locals were terrified but not defeated. Their best and brightest started to gather together, forming a group with the intention of dealing with the outside threat. In order to minimize their risk of exposure they stuck with code names related to their professions and set in motion plans to infiltrate their invaders.

It was around this time that a friend of General Grant, Azariel Nereopoulos, would reveal that he too was not from this planet and start advising them on their possible futures.

Grant's right hand woman, Rubi, would also be sent to kill the collaborator Reginald Braith around the same time as Azariel's reveal. Though instead of completing her assignment, she decided to infiltrate the invading group when the opportunity presented itself. This served to anger General Lewis Costanel, who vowed to take care of things himself upon hearing the news.

This would eventually lead to a split in the rebellion, with Lewis's group moving on to develop weapons to fight the invaders, while AAron's group would secretly make contact with Cyrus, the leader of the invader's military. This secret meeting would end in a pact that would eventually solidify Aaron as the first leader of the new government, while Lewis would go on to launch a massive attack against the invaders during a dust storm, nearly managing to kill Uso Tasuki.

When the dust settled, the point was driven home: It was pointless for the locals to fight back with weapons.

White Lament

During YE 38 the Mothership "White Lament" would end up landing on 188604 looking for spare parts in a manner that most resembled an apocalyptic crash and robotic spider invasion. It seemed that the spacer ship had lost its organic crew, and was looking to harvest organs from the locals in order to rebuild its crew, luckily the spacer Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 who was part of the Ragnarok PMC was able to subdue the ship. Arccos would go on to become the appointed Sheriff of the planet and de-facto captain of the White Lament

I'ee JTE

The I'ee Joint Technology Expedition would reach 188604 in the year YE 38. Where they were convinced to assist in developing the planet in exchange for Uso's help in defeating the NMX attacking the I'ee home system.

YE 38 Arc 2 [Star Wasp]

With the planet more or less secured from internal threats, Uso Tasuki turned her attention outward, building the relationships she'd need to develop the planet into something more substantial.

The Hate Machine

Uso Tasuki talked Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 into stealing the lighthouse from Freehold Factory, blowing up much of freehold in the process


Uso Tasuki, hearing about the new race of miners, struck a deal with the vekimen to provide resources in exchange for raising their profile on the galactic stage.


Uso Tasuki convinced Heram J. Wazu to assist the development effort, coercing him into sending Vier to assist with the development of the planet.


The major goal during this time period was the liberation of the I'ee home system from the NMX. The Necromancer, a mercenary that carried with it much of the fighter and mecha available to Uso's Star Organization went on a recon mission to the I'ee home system and was nearly destroyed by the NMX. It was able to limp back home for repairs, and the information it brought was used to formulate a plan of attack.

The next month was spent preparing, readying ships, missiles, mecha, fighters, and anything they could get their hands on for the fight at Ee'ee.

YE 39: Adventure Capital

It turns out that the USO isn't the only group out west trying to establish themselves. Between corporations and the the USO barely manages to fend off several plots to take over large swaths of the west.

188604 Reading Order

YE 39: 4x

The USO finally gets some breathing room, and starts spending time developing itself, producing new facilities, internal organizations, and conducting diplomacy

188604 Reading Order

YE 40: Bigger Problems

Excessive spending by Section 6 brings down the 188604 economy. Spacers come to 188604 looking to retake the lighthouse that was taken from them. Elysians start a fight with the NMX that sweeps up 188604. B7R is still filled with Rixxikor, the FSC is having problems staying afloat, Lazarus starts killing off USO's crew, and a plan is hatched to overthrow PsychoPomp.

All at the same time.



Star System: 0014 *

Planet: Planet 188-604 aka 'Usotza', 'Ragna-World', 'Camur',

Plant: Algaeia



Uso's Crew
Uso Tasuki Fearless Leader PC 'Your Highness', 'Empress Tyrantpants'
Raphael Castiel Uso's Right Hand PC 'Raph' needs art
Yumeoibito, Errowyn Pilot PC aka 'Hellcat' needs art
Harhui Demolitions Expert PC aka 'Smalls' Not Active
Ivory Medic NPC needs art
Reginald Braith Local General NPC
Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich Pilot PC Not Active
Takimori Ronin Mecha Pilot PC Left the Crew
Aashi Nath Werner Privateer Captain PC Left the Crew
Alex Tasuki Ex-Popsicle PC 'New Boots'
Jack PineSoldier-guy PC 'mook'
Tacticus Farm-bot PC
creature Problem PC 'Please leave' 'Go Away' 'Seriously this isn't my nickname for you, go away!'
Uso's Business Associates
Koga Akemi Food and Tourism PC
Sute Working girl NPC
Ragnarok PMC
Cyrus Marshal Ragnarok's Leader PC needs art
Ace PMC Soldier PC needs art
corgan_garret PMC Soldier PC 'Corgi'
Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 PMC Soldier PC 'High Sheriff Arccos' needs art
Scrabler PMC Soldier PC needs art
Rip D. Torr PMC Medic PC Dr. Hardbody Not Active
Tomblyn Ardane PMC Soldier PC Not Active
Buttonless Brigadiers
Josward Braith Head officer
Mercenary Fleet
Ulysses S. Werner Captain of the Necromancer
Hazel Gehärtet Werner Chief of the Aerospace Group (CAG)
Julie Osman Young Princess NPC needs art
Jacob Osman Young Prince NPC Dead
Serza Costanel Head Nurse NPC
General Aaron Grant NPC needs art
Rubi Kalan PC Left
Celest NPC
General Lewis Costanel NPC
The Scientist NPC
The Procurer NPC
The Merchant NPC
Azariel Nereopoulos PC
McLewski NPC
Tabernacle Smithee Former Knight NPC
Olena Sands Fighter Extraordinaire NPC
Kelly Buchanan Buttonless Brigade Sheriff NPC
I'ee Joint Technology Expedition
Gut-Stripe Fearless Leader needs art
Sammy Ambassador needs art

Unsorted characters:

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