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1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force

The Nepleslian 1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force, abbreviated often as the โ€œ1st EXMFโ€, symbolizes the Nepleslian military's first concerted effort into establishing large-scale mechanized combat units for deployment abroad. With initial formation being planned in YE 35 but not being actually implemented until the beginning of the following year, the 1st EXMF is a force composed primarily of tankers predominantly employing the Maximus "HMBT", "Corona" heavy gunships, and a number of other systems.

Based at a post on Longwatch (Flarghrishimmi) at the southernmost borders of Nepleslian space, the 1st EXMF is not permanently attached to any one fleet of the Navy to enable quick deployment with any number of fleet assets across Nepleslian space or abroad to both defend and expand Nepleslian territory.

The most common sorts of deployments members of the unit encounter are acting as spear-head elements, launching breakthrough operations to surrounded friendly forces, or pushing into enemy territory through heavily entrenched defenses.

In YE 37, the 1st EXMF was moved to Ukk to take part in the system's reclammation. Due to the hazardous nature of the planet that made flight on unreclaimed zones impossible, the need of an armored unit to spearhead these attacks was tantamount.

The 1st EXMF in Roleplay

The 1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force will be a Nepleslian plot with Foxtrot813 as the GM. The format will be Single-Post, with the possibility (and encouragement) of Joint Posts on the side. The primary inspirations the GM drew for this, unlike the previous one, are the Wargame Game series (due to their heavy emphasis on combined arms strategical gameplay) and several books (Gunheads, Hammer Slammers, Stalingrad: the Fateful Siege). Basically, the plot will be about average Nepleslian men and women, who must rely on their metal coffins to push through the hardest battlefields where the employment of power armor alone does not guarantee victory. Here are a few notes for those who would be interested in the plot.

  • New players, lend me your character creation! We want you here!
  • Character development!
    • We're taking average folks, Nepleslian men and women. The peopel chosen to operate the HMBT are the same people who went through the basic marine PA training, so they know how to operate their weapon and support the PA infantry on the field.
    • The primary tank will be the Maximus (and the Super Maximus as soon as it gets approved), linked above, and the characters should be Marines.
  • Expect a GM post at a minimum of once per week unless stated otherwise (The GM will try to keep a pace of once every three days). Players are expected to do this as well.
    • Can't post that week, or for a while? That's fine, just make sure the GM knows on the OOC thread of PM. It happens.
  • This plot will be PG-13. GM doesn't want to see the plot suddenly get buried in sex.
    • There is an 18+ section. If you're old enough, take it there, and have fun with it separate from the main RP. I certainly will.

Things to Expound On

In most plots, the actions of NPCs are predominantly left to the control of the plot's GM. While for the most part that will remain to be true, the nature of a tank crew would make that extremely difficult, and making each role run by a PC in a non-JP format would severely limit what any group of 4 players can post at a time (No one wants to roleplay the loader slamming shell after shell into the breach). So for the sake of roleplay, each player will be playing a Marine in the commander's seat of a Maximus tank. The loader, gunner, and driver are going to be NPCs. But this is where it changes from a normal plot's handling of NPCs interacting with the player characters. Below are the two main differences: refreshing perspectives for veterans and an interesting experience for new players.

Your Crew is Your Crew

While they won't be the only NPCs you encounter, your crew is your crew, and, like any player character, you have the sole control of their actions. You are the commander and the PC, to your left is your loader, just in front of you and below you is your gunner, and ahead and two your left close enough to reach out and touch with your foot is your driver. Who are they? What are their names? Your NPCs are as developed as you want to see them be. Remember these are your bothers and sisters, who are riding into battle with you, and who face the samel mortal danger as you. The GM will help you develop them if you like.

This is to promote concern for their safety, not just that of your PC.

You Are In Control

A normal way of approaching NPCs, where the players act and the GM then plays out the result, will still exist, but in a different manner. If you tell your driver to advance down a street? You RP the tank driving forward. Now if you get ambushed or throw a track? That would be where the GM steps in. You tell your driver to turn? You RP him trying to turn. The GM may intercede with the action when your driver panic and instead of turning right, turns left, and drives you into a ditch filled with enemy infantry.

Yet in the end of it all, your NPCs are yours. I want you to be connected to them. If they succeed and get promoted, I want you to feel at least some sort of accomplishment like how you would with your own PC. If your tank gets hit and you suffer spalling, I want you to be legitimately concerned for the gunner slumped over her controls and not responding to you. The GM is going to let you be responsible for the safety and actions of the crew, with only the interruptions most necessary for a good plot.

Unit Roster

If you are interested, then feel free to PM Foxtrot813 on the forum or find him on IRC. This plot and everything about it is majorly a WIP and has yet to be set up and so we're more than happy to welcome any and all players who are interested!

Player Name Character Preferred Contact
Foxtrot813 GM PM, IRC (@ #Sarpfree on SorceryNet)
Command Element
Player Name Character Tank Name / Role
Foxtrot813 Ross Mitchell Vehicular Manslaughter/(Platoon 1 Commander, LT)
NPC for now N/A
1st Platoon
Player Name Character Tank Name / Call Sign
Foxtrot813 Ross Mitchell Vehicular Manslaughter / Capybara 1-Actual
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 1-2
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 1-3
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 1-4
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 1-5
2nd Platoon

:!: Note: Second Platoon will only be filled once first platoon is full, then players will be spread on both platoons if the second isn't full.

Player Name Character Tank Name / Call Sign
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 2-Actual
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 2-2
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 2-3
N/A N/A N/A / Capybara 2-4
In Reserve
Player Name Character Tank Name / Call Sign

OOC Notes

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