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The 1st Special Operations Aerospace Regiment / SOAR

In YE 33, seeing the need for a unit to compete with Yamtaian units such as the 21st “Fighting Diamonds”, the Nepleslian military established the 1st Special Operations Aerospace Regiment.


Pilots, as a whole, are skilled, and versatile people. Those of the 1st S.O.A.R. are absolutely no exception. They are pilots who have passed the training and tests required of a Nepleslian Navy pilot, and who use a wide variety of Nepleslian space and atmosphere-capable craft to perform their dangerous and high-priority operations. Nobody who is sent to this unit should be afraid of charging in to the heat of battle.

For they intend to go in harm's way.

Available positions: This plot is no longer active

Joining Requirements: At the time being, submit a character appropriate to the environment, and one who passes the standards of the site. Then perform a JP character interview with Cedric or Cyborg aka DJ Moose, ICly.

Time limit for posting: 3-4 Days, barring extreme circumstances (which it is assumed you will have told the staff of). After that point, staff will assume the character's actions for sake of plot development, and player death is a possible risk.

The purpose of the 1st S.O.A.R. is to establish a role-playing environment akin to that found in the Yamataian forums. People who wish to have a Navy pilot, in an environment geared towards that kind of player, and populated by other people who want the same thing. However, it's not a thread for some “average” pilot to come fight, it's supposed to be a unit comprised of highly trained, and skilled individuals who will go in to the most dangerous of situations with only their craft and their wingman to save them. Not only that, but they plan to come out of those situations alive. So it will be a setting where players can have fun, feel challenged in an IC sense, and enjoy themselves.


Unit Designation: 1st Special Operations Aerospace Regiment / 1st S.O.A.R.

Unit Purpose/Mission: The 1st S.O.A.R. was established in YE 33 for the purpose of providing air support, extraction, and infiltration of special operations teams for high-risk and high-priority missions.

Unit Standard Craft: Priding themselves on versatility, the 1st S.O.A.R. can use whatever craft may be appropriate for an operation. However, they do have “standard” craft that they prefer to use, such as the N-F/A-01 and Na-FA4.

ADM Billie Haylen

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