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69th Para-Military Squad

Current Plot Audit Score 08/31/2014 A

One of many permanent squad formations of the Foreign Service, the 69th Para-Military Squad was formed in AF 260, Second Quarter (YE 32).

Note: Players are required to post at least once a week…this goes for the GM too.

This Plot is rated for graphic language, violence, and intimacy.1)

The 69th in Roleplay

The 69th is a State-sponsored Mercenary Squad from the Foreign Service run by Faction Manager Matthew that began on August 18, 2010. An action/adventure plot, the 69th is primarily a Single Post plot with some possible joint post sessions if everyone is available. All joint posts will be done in either IRC or some variation of Etherpad (if I can find one).

History of the 69th

Formed in the middle of the Second Quarter of AF 260, or YE 32, the 69th Para-Military Squad was created under the direction of Caecilia Oberstein, a β€œreservists” of the Nachrichtendienst. The 69th currently has no unofficial name and has no permanently assigned mode of transportation.

Mission 1

It started off as a hostage situation on the infamous CSEIA Station. A small group of students from the Great Imperial University had been taken by Khorsorovaloran Terrorists. Led by the decorated Kris Black, the 69th Paramilitary Squad was hired to rescue the hostages. What they found upon arrival was a VIP was a part of the hostages, Johanna Rosenthal. Dividing into two teams, the first team, lead by their leader, went after the hostages while the second stayed back in reserve.

This was a blessing in disguise as the Second Team was in position for a rather nasty surprise, a full-blown NMX incursion. The Second Team was in the right position to defend the Docking Section of CSEIA Station. Meanwhile, the First Team found out the hard way that the NMX had been manipulating the Terrorists plot. Defeating the Terrorists and a Mishhuvurthyar, the First Team proceeded deeper into the station and came across a group of captives (as well as the rest of the hostages).

While First Team trailed the captives, Second Team broke through the Docking Section Assault and made their way to the Abwehran-loaned CSEIA Defense Force. There, the Nachrichtendienst Agent leading them forced the Force into action. While most of the Defense Force went to defend the transports, two groups broke off from the company. One force went with Second Team while the other moved towards the Cruise Missile Storage room in secret.

As Second Team moved to meet up with First Team and the hostages, First Team moved to rescue the hostages and met with an NMX Light Infantry Squad and an Advanced Mishhuvurthyar. A fire fight broke out which lead to the enemy's destruction and a few civilian casualties. Thus a race back to the docking section commenced with the two Teams desperately trying to meet, First Team being scattered by a mob of panicked civilians, and Ghost Mishhuvurthyar harassing them around every corner.

Eventually, some of the First Team (with Princess) met up with the Second Team and both began to retreat back to the Docking Station, while an element of the CSEIA Defense Force infiltrated into the CSEIA Station's Cruise Missile Storage Hold. During the retreat, Johanna Rosenthal was injured by a Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, but was saved by the heroic, if reckless, actions of ???? and ????. ←need to re-read

Once reunited, the Squad retreated into their transport before an onslaught of zombified civilians (ie. civilians with NMX parasites) struck. The transport doors closed and the ship undocked leaving the survivors of CSEIA Station relatively safe as they burned away at max acceleration – away from the doomed station as the martyrs detonated the cruise missile cache and ending the NMX incursion.

Mission 2

In Progress

Squad Roster

Kris Black Nevaraon Darkmidnight Klausedeiter "Klause" Hymel Liese Geliebte Hetzer Johannes Thalberg Caecilia Oberstein Hannelore Fuchs Gisel Wilhemina Aumann Elise Weissel


Name Rank Position/Specialization Branch of Origin Player Timezone Activity
Caecilia Oberstein O-4 Squad Leader Nachrichtendienst Matthew -5 GMT GM
Wulfgang Junker O-3 Armor Operator Weltraumflotte NPC β€” β€”
Hannelore Fuchs O-1 Field Agent Nachrichtendienst ShotJon GMT+1 Active
Arnfried Holst O-1 Armor Operator Weltraumflotte NPC β€” β€”
Nevaraon Darkmidnight E-4 Rifleman Weltraumflotte Nevaron β€” Inactive / NPC'd until after mission
Astrid LΓΆwenherzt E-3 Medic Weltraumflotte NPC β€” β€”
Liese Geliebte E-2 Marksman/Sniper Weltraumflotte Aendri -5 GMT Inactive/NPC'd until after the mission
mothrust_randall E-2 Combat Engineer Assault Legion NPC β€” β€”
Alban Farber E-2 Heavy Weapons Specialist Weltraumflotte NPC β€” β€”
Hetzer Johannes Thalberg E-1 Corpsman Weltraumflotte Bilgecrank -6 GMT Active
Dragon Mospeed E-1 Rifleman Assault Legion NPC β€” β€”
Benedikt Bulcher E-1 Rifleman Assault Legion NPC β€” β€”
Gisel Wilhelmina Aumann E-1 Heavy Weapons Specialist Weltraumflotte Soresu β€” Pulled Out/NPC'd until after the mission


Name Rank Position/Specialization Branch of Origin Player
Watanabe Daisuke E-3 Logistics Specialist Assault Legion NPC
Koch Karina E-2 Armorer Weltraumflotte NPC
Werfel Fester E-1 Armorer Assault Legion NPC
Naga Noriko E-1 Armorer Assault Legion NPC

Weltraumflotte Assault Platoon

Name Rank Position/Specialization Branch of Origin Player Activity
Krieger Von Wulfen Maat Combat Engineer Weltraumflotte Sageshooter Pulled Out/NPC'd until after the mission

Reassigned Player Characters

Character Rank Position/Specialization Branch of Origin Player Timezone Reason
Kris Black W1 Group Leader Weltraumflotte Samuel -6 GMT Requested
Klausedeiter "Klause" Hymel E-3 Marksman/Sniper Weltraumflotte Ira -6 GMT Requested
Sathok`Arcoss E-1 Rifleman/Tech Independent Contractor Zerralgaz β€” Inactivity
Thomas Smith None Technician CSEIA Hire dingbat91 β€” Inactivity
Elise Weissel O-2 Armor Operator Weltraumflotte Frown-chan β€” No reply to Roll Call.



  • Players must contact the GM before creating a character.
  • Players can make a character of any species, except Nekovalkryja.

Available Positions

Currently Closed

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