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Ascension is an Elysian roleplaying plot created on October 18, 2017 by GM FrostJaeger that explores the political intrigue and events that occurred during Barachiel Valeria's rise to power.

Status: This plot is currently accepting new characters.

Veni, vici, vidi.

Plot Details

Age Requirement 16
Format Play-by-Post/Joint Post
Pacing GM posts every 5 to 10 days
Rating Language - Sex - Violence
Active Players 4
Current RP Thread Verse One: Reveille
OOC Thread Link

Plot Rules

The following is a list of rules for this plot.

  1. Please contact FrostJaeger before making a character for this plot. Don't feel pressured or scared by this - it's just to make sure that your character will have a place and in-character reason for participating in a massive part of Elysian history.
  2. After creating your character and joining the plot, you are tasked with keeping your character's article updated.
  3. You're expected to post within seven (7) days of a GM post - but don't worry too much about this; if you won't be able to post within the aforementioned timeframe due to events occurring in real life/writer's block, etc., just let FrostJaeger know ahead of time and/or make a post in the plot's OOC thread.
  4. Let FrostJaeger know if you plan on doing any joint posts so that he can plan accordingly.

About the Game Master

FrostJaeger - who joined in July 2015 - resides in the Eastern Time Zone and is online pretty much every single day, albeit with a work schedule that varies from week to week. He plans on expanding this section Soon™.

Characters and Players

Open Positions

OOC Notes

FrostJaeger created this article on 2017/10/18 10:50.

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