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Bastion of Winter

Bastion of Winter is a roleplaying plot created May 27, 2022 by GM Yuuki.

YCS Bastion of Winter Mission Patch
Current Thread Bastion of Winter: Mission to E13
First Thread Bastion of Winter: Mission to E13
OOC Thread Bastion of Winter OOC Thread
Status Active. Not actively seeking, but ask Yuuki, Cecily, or SirSkully to join.
GM Yuuki
Co-GM Cecily and SirSkully
Motto “A bunch of foxes, some birds, and a few cats, with a cutting edge Yamataian ship, on the frontier, with no one to answer to: what could possibly go wrong?”

Plot Overview

The YCS Bastion of Winter The YCS Bastion of Winter, a Yūgure-class Merchant Destroyer, is nominally a technology test platform for Yugumo Fleetworks that also conducts border patrols of the frontier. However, it has a secret mission unknown outside of a select few: unofficial diplomatic contact with the Kingdom of Neshaten.

The Motoyoshi Clan knows the pain of betrayal from within. Sympathetic to the Kingdom against their internal struggles, and concerned with instability along the long border the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector shares with them, Motoyoshi knows that unstable neighbors are bad for business, and bad for their beloved Yamatai Star Empire.

In YE 44, EE006, under the guise of “corporate outreach,” a handful of the best the Shukara Volunteer Navy has to offer, each one secretly a Neshaten Agent and a professional xenotechnology tester from Or'ion Section Five1) become “exchange officers” aboard the Yamataian vessel.

Strangely, the crew has been augmented with a xenoarchaeologist and a pair of Lorath xenobiologists as it sets out into the frontier. Does someone at Yugumo know something is out there?

And why is a ronin Ketsurui Samurai hanging around?

And if this is an “unofficial” contact between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Kingdom of Neshaten, why is there a Yamataian ambassador on board?

A bunch of foxes, some birds, and a few cats, with a cutting edge Yamataian ship, on the frontier, with no one to answer to: what could possibly go wrong?

Rules and Pacing

The Plot, Playstyle, and Rules of the plot:

  • Mostly SP. Maybe a JP. Maybe some Discord stuff.
  • Still feeling out the pace, but it should be a low-pressure one.
  • This plot uses Troupe System RP, where players have access to a shared cast of characters to control in addition to, or instead of, their own characters.
  • This is going to be a low-stress, low-angst, exploration, diplomacy, science, and business plot.
    • That doesn't mean bad things will never happen or there will be no conflicts or violence.
  • :!: This Plot is UNRATED :!:

Characters and Players

#Character PicPageCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Xu YanfeiDemibearActive Player Character
2Rian'ala "Melody" Hulut LlamnelElissiaActive Player Character
3Kwabba-an Ternifac-xuralkhiHyraltActive Player Character
4Nall'Tis "Harmony" Hulut Llamnel.SageshooterActive Player Character
5Ranga HavardSobanActive Player Character
6Azai KaedepaladinrpgActive Player Character
7Leru DePosk'yaSirSkullyNPC In Use By GM or FM
8Cecily WintersCecilyPermanently Retired Character

Open Positions


The first operational voyage of the YCS Bastion of Winter was a mission to make discreet diplomatic contact with the Kingdom of Neshaten2).

OOC ManagerYuuki
OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Last Checked2023/03/24
Characters WantedClosed due to the passing of a key participant. Miss you, Cecily.

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