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Bloody Claws (She'na Academy)

Plot Type: Mystery, Teamwork, Investigation, Learning, Education, Combat
Plot Pace: Medium
Player Numbers: 5
Started: June 22nd 2014
Status: Active, Accepting Players

Bloody Claws is a civilian plot that that follows a group of She'na Academy students, the class is lead by class president Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne. the Game Master is Kyle


The Bloody Claws is the name of a class of students whom were invited to attend She'na Academy, a rather prestigious school where invitations are quite rare. These students, along with their class president, and those others who attend the school have to contend with not only regular civilian life but also the constant worry that the city they live in and their very school could fall under attack at any moment while also taking part in the cities popular sport called Aa'sha'fame. Bloody Claws class designation is 1-UIR, 2-UIR, and 3-UIR.

Latest news

Prologue Mission: First Period - The Beginning and Arrival First Mission: To be added Current Mission: First Period - The Beginning and Arrival


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