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Volkov's Cavaliers

Volkov's Cavaliers is a Nepleslian Space Marine plot created June 21, 2014 by Sigma. It is named after Sergeant Phaedra Volkov's Cavalier squad, which is the focus of the plot.

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Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Leon Santiago

Phaedra Volkov

Laura Romero

Bernhard Greer

Henry Morris

Plot Overview

Following the introduction of 4th Marines to the 4th Fleet, the Fleet's original Marine contingent became redundant. Most of them were rolled into the new Shaik but several squads were retrained by the IPG Commandos to form new Marine Commando units. This plot will require player initiative and flexibility to accomplish difficult objectives.

Rules and Pacing

The Plot has the following rules:

  • Main Mission Threads will be labeled as such but players are free to create their own side-threads to show down time between missions. Main Mission threads will be Single-Post (SP) unless otherwise stated by GM.
  • Due to Sigma's schedule, one post a week is the target. GM updates will, most likely, be made on the weekends.
  • If you are interested in joining this plot, please PM Sigma on the forums so that he is aware.

Characters and Players

Open Positions

The following positions are open:

  • Demolitions
  • CQB
  • Tech Sentry/Hacker
  • Meat Shield


In YE 36, several Marine squads from 4th Fleet were pulled for re-training as Commandos. While their training was tough and rigorous, it was shorter than the course for IPG Commandos. The goal of the training was to create a second tier of elite Marines who could operate independently and ahead of the main forces. Originally, this was foreseen as a role to be occupied by the IPG Commandos but as the need for Commando units increased, the number of Commandos could not keep pace. The decision, hence, was made to train Marines to perform similar tasks to alleviate the demand and create a reserve of superbly trained and skilled special forces whom both the IPG and Nepleslian Space Marine Corps could call on.

Though Marines who pass the program are still part of the Marine Corps, they are also at the call of the IPG. In operations for either organization, the Marine Commandos will have a greater range of weaponry and equipment to make use of as they are nominally supplied by the IPG.

The Cavaliers were one of the pilot squads for this new program.

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