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Cirrus Station

Constructed under the guidance of the greatest scientific minds of three unique cultures, the Cirrus Research Station was a haven to all those who believe themselves well versed in the ways of the universe. On this new space station, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, The Free State, and the CSEIA all work tirelessly in unison, for the better of each of their cultures in the endless pursuit of science. Biological research, aeronautical advancements, chemical analysis…very soon, there will be no more mysteries of the universe left to pursue!

The Cirrus Station will not only become a hub for scientific achievement, but also a staple in the push for system acquisition into the galactic northwest. The station will tie in closely with the resourcing and colonization efforts of The Nepleslian Colonization Project.

Of course, what is a new endeavor without a few bumps in the road? The Cirrus Station Security (CSS) teams will have a lot on their hands as time progresses aboard this space station. There will be much to be done as they deal the unique hazards of the station, discovering the mysteries behind the Cirrus Research Station, and perhaps discovering themselves in the process.

Cirrus Station in Roleplay

The Cirrus Research Station was a Nepleslian plotship, with its genre set firmly in the comical, light-hearted section of storytelling. From the estranged administer and her equally queer projects, the constant power-outages, or the Biological Containment Facilities’ apparent lack of being able to actually CONTAIN the creatures it holds, players expected to see a few new situations during their stay here.

This plot was a bit different from most, however. The Cirrus Station did not deal with the military-heavy aspects of the setting, but rather a unique mix of both military and civilian plot properties. The equipment given to the players aboard this plot was minimal, at best. This was done to promote each unique character and his or her unique aspects; a strong character would be strong, a fast character would be fast, and a smart character would be smart. It was recommended that players take these points into consideration when signing up or creating a character for this plot.

The Cirrus Research Station is a plot by Moonman, and is played through a healthy mixture of both SP and JP. Roleplay began on Dec 19, 2007 (the same day as the YSS Eucharis plot) and lasted until June 19th, 2012.

Cirrus Station Forum Cirrus Station OOC Thread

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Life on Cirrus Station

Serving aboard the Cirrus Research Station means living there as well, as the Cirrus is often doing its work as it travels through space from point to point, conducting different jobs to keep the station going. Life aboard the Cirrus Station has several 'differences' from regular, planetary living. Listed below are a few of those irregularities that players and their characters should expect to deal with.

  • There are no community mess halls or cafeterias on the Cirrus Research Station (none accessible to regular security team members, anyway); all food is either purchased from Cassefin Reservoir Drinks/BioNutri-Snack, or is considered contraband, smuggled in through several means and sold amongst Cirrus Station workers
  • Recently, Squad 35 has obtained a basic kitchen, including appliances, to be made accessible to the security teams as a reward for a bargain made between the Squad and Head Administrator Cassefin Montreal
  • Squad 35 has, over time, developed a special relationship with Administrator Purina Popjoy, the head of the biological research department. Unbeknownst to Cassefin Montreal, Purina is now occasionally providing the team with fruits and vegetables she has been growing in secret to circumvent Montreal's strict food regulations
  • All Cirrus Station Security teams share one large bunk room, consolidated together in an effort to save space for “more important” structures
  • One or two Savtechs are assigned to each CSS team, and are in charge of providing each team with information or announcements made through the Cirrus Station
  • Squad 35 has, through its various exploits and unusual victories in its many missions, gained much respect and notoriety on the Cirrus Station, mostly between fellow security teams
  • Although unable to prove it, Squad 35 has witnessed mega-corporation Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials murder several Cirrus Station dock workers in a cover-up attempt after a botched pirate invasion which was, apparently, perpetrated by Laj Vinross Yu and Marrisa Cranker themselves. Some


Players whom do not post for two weeks or at least give forewarning of absences for periods of time will have their characters moved to “Squad 74”. This is an area for inactive players, but is by no means permanent; if your character appears in Squad 74 and you are still active or have returned from a period of absence, please tell the GM and he will remove you post-haste.

Crew Rank Structure

Ranking structure follows standard Star Army of Nepleslia regulations for Cirrus Station Security teams, but not for scientists or station personnel.


Currently, the Cirrus Station Security force (The CSS), which is assigned to protect the station, its projects and its inhabitants, is always looking for more hands for work. While comprised of mostly Nepleslian marines sent from High Command, civilians and members from The Free State as well as the CSEIA are also welcome to join the CSS.

Current Crew Members


Cassefin Montreal

Squad 35

Kokuten Chiaki Tweak Three Seven Stovaa Drakon Blake Morris Serra Evangelle Akio Noboru Maximillian Keno

Important NPCs:

Cirrus Regulars

Kess Mimi Purina Popjoy Lenny Binks George Resetti


Laj Vinross Yu Marrisa Cranker Lisa Bell Odette Swann Nell Sarahs

  • Laj Vinross Yu - Business minded, impossibly charismatic, smooth criminal CEO of Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials
  • Marrisa Cranker - Super-eccentric fashionista queen, CEO of Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials
  • Lisa Bell - Maniacal, crafty, skilled and DECEASED soldier, a Captain of the Vinross Yu-Cranker Uniques
  • Nell Sarahs - Young, slightly naive newbie to the Vinross Yu-Cranker Uniques
  • Odette Swann - Tall, dark and lovely Unique, with an unexplained connection to Laj Vinross Yu

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