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Crew 32

Crew 32 is a civilian character plot operating within the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Delsauria system on the planet Delsauria. The plot focuses on the self-titled “Crew 32” which is a rag tag band of miners, traders, smugglers, pilots and some mercenaries along with anyone else who is deemed useful to achieve the goal, getting rich. The crew operates in a similar fashion to a band of mercenaries or pirates however only breaks the law on special occasions or for big payouts.

Status: Crew 32 was officially closed by club24 on 18/05/2019

Final Thread: Here

Plot Overview

In Crew 32 players can expect to face the hardships of a volatile industry and an unforgiving environment, the characters will be expected to do their part to help the team earn their pay to stay alive and continue operating. Each official mission thread takes the form of a 'Job' which can be anything across both legal and illegal spectrums of work, some of these acts include mining, trade runs, smuggling goods and people and working special tasks for the legal forces as well as crime groups.

Writing scenes and actions to expect: Exploration - both above and below ground, Survival - both above and below ground, Travel - both above and below with and without vehicles or animals, Hostile Encounters - Pirates and other potentially hostile groups and factions may be encountered and engage the player group, Traders - as “quest givers” and as NPC's to get info or items and even allies or enemies depending on interaction.

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players

Crew Roster

Character Player Notes Image
Emmathyst Caver club24 Captain
Hullcracker “Seven Fours” 74-7444-4444 SirSkully Pilot
Daniel Apaway Whitehart Survivalist
“Ruby” club24 NPC
Samaphire club24 NPC

About The GM

club24 has been on SARP since August 2017 and currently is involved with several factions and a great many people on the site. Before this plot he started the ECV Raven which is an Elysian race and history centred plot, he also runs a special sort of plot which is directly tied to his company Galactic Horizon and is the RP development outlet for the corp. He has participated in numerous RP plots and created various tech articles and characters, before SARP he ran several more improv style plots in other RP and also possesses experience in improv technique and skills thanks to schooling and public performances.




This rating indicates the maximum I will ever GM write into the plot, Sexuality or Violence rating 3 is restricted to the 18+ forums to the best of my knowledge but regardless this plot is not designed to focus heavily on interactions of that nature. Language is rated three for the possibility of situational swearing or insulting of other characters but will not be a maintained theme and is purely to advise of situational possibility.


PRE RP Founded in the closing moments of YE 38, Crew 32 was agreed upon by all 32 members of the original rag-tag team of misfits and gold hunters. 10 roughened Delsaurians comprised the mining and mineral team, 15 Nepleslians male and female heralded from less than legal prior professions such as smuggling and information theft while the rest were composed of several other races who had joined up to lend their skills.

By the end of YE 39 they had all but died or left and the once happy group fell back to the dust it started from with just the leader, Emmathyst Caver and several other Delsaurians remaining. Now the crew seeks new members in the time of trade and mining invigoration to get out there and make money, with plenty of new opportunities provided by the effort its all aboard who's coming aboard with the common goal of getting rich for whatever personal reasons they each have.

OOC Information

This page was originally created by club24 on 2018/06/07

This page is still WIP and the plot has not yet launched, however feel free to contact club24 through discord about joining, his info is on the linked player page

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