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Crimefest is a criminal action roleplaying plot created May 6, 2017 by SirSPT.

Current Thread: Heist Two: The White Room
OOC Thread: OOC Thread
Player Count: 8 (7 active)

Status: This plot is currently NOT open for any approved character to join.


Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Plot Overview

Overall Money Gained: 1,250,000 DA

Crimefest will the exploits of a new up and coming crime group lead by Ayla Sozon as they grow from a ragtag criminals to a powerful syndicate in the criminal underworld of Funky City and hopefully beyond. Their exploits will range for simple robberies and protection rackets to weapon deals, trafficking, and all sorts of illegal deeds.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: Mix between standard posts and JP. Everyone will generally require a JP to enter the RP.
  • Pacing and posting expectations: Once every 5-7 days. Failure to meet this deadline may result in your character being temporarily being NPC'd or removal from the plot.

Characters and Players

Character Player Role Current Codenames Notes Art
Aavi Vinaka Ametheliana Barista/Brawler Horns
Ayla Sozon SirSPT Mastermind/Thief N/A
Hadya Null Pancakei Hacker/Tinkerer Mask
Jacob Miller Whitehart Inside Man/Deceiver Any name that starts with “J”
John Quill Charmaylarg Veterinarian/“Doctor” Doc 2
Morgan Mackenzie Primitive Polygon Explosives Expert/Sociopath Shrapnel
Nikanor Avarolis Legix Interrogator/Combat Specialist Fuckface

Open Positions

Currently closed; try again later!


Below is a collection of threads and summaries organized into a brief history for reading through the plot.

The Prologues


Having grown board with her constantly being a lackey for other people's schemes, the mysterious Ayla Sozon decided to gather a crack team of criminal professionals… Or the next best people she could get her hands on. After having assembled the little team, she prepared for the first heist before being ambushed by a team of mercenaries. Having killed almost all of them, Ayla offered the surviving member, Nikanor a deal: Work for her and make loads of money or kill her and face an exploding warehouse.

The snake choose the former.

Heist One: A Standard Affair


With a bit of a delay from a certain ambush, Ayla sent the crew on their first heist: Break into a Davis National Bank during a cash shipment and steal as much money as possible. The gang split up into a two teams with Null and Nikanor focusing on disabling security while Avai, Morgan, John, and Jacob securing a truck for infiltration. Both managed to accomplish their goals, albeit with some light distractions. However, the infiltration of the bank turned violent as after the gang was spotted by a mobster that was sent to protect the bank. A large shootout broke out between the gang and the group of mobsters and the heist became much more bloody before the crew quickly ex filtrated the area with their payday.

Total take: 1,250,000 DA

Heist Two: The White Room


After the Davis National Heist, Ayla assembles the crew for a less savory heist: Stealing a shipment of drugs from the Funky City Thunder biker gang.

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