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The Crimson Corsairs

The Crimson Corsairs continues the story of several marines from the NSS Sledge Mama as they leave the military and rejoin civilian life. As pirates. However, events far outside of their control conspire to pull them, kicking and screaming, right down the rabbit hole as events on the national scale slowly but inevitably come to a head. What starts out as a simple job will quickly spiral into a story concerning the fate of interstellar empires.

Though once an independent roleplaying plot, it's been employed by asteria, with CadetNewb as its GM. Right now, the current thread is right here, while the OOC is right there.

Plot Overview

The plot features people from all walks of life, and locales across the entire sector. Though logic and reason may form the basis of combat and various other happenings in the plot, as a result of being descended from a Nepleslian plot however, plenty of the the traditional testosterone poisoning, '80s hyperviolence can be expected as well. Currently, assault rifles and various other guns are mandatory, and while explosives are not, they are highly recommended.

Body armor not included.

New players are currently welcome, and you can find the character roster right here.

Rules and Pacing

Currently, the plot is Single Post, with one post every three days being the minimum. Additionally, Joint-Posts where all players gather on a collaborative text thing and work together to actively make a super-post is scheduled whenever possible. Preferably once a week. Failure to post regularly will usually result in the player character hesitating or making mistakes during key moments, especially combat. Though this may result in injury at first, Death will be waiting around the corner.

And thanks to the miracle of SCIENCE, it won't be permanent.


As life as a DIoN Marine comes to a close, many people find themselves struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. As these marines leave the Corps, it quickly becomes clear that they're no exception to this. Uncertain about where to go or what place there is for them, the former marines resort to the time old profession of violence-on-demand. However, even this doesn't seem quite right. As they progress through Nepleslia's underbowels, one decides to discard his mortal shell and become a full prosthetic cyborg. Upon emerging, he's greeted by faces new and old, all in the same or similar boat, and searching for the most important thing in life; money. This meant a job, and one they were suited for.

Despite being rather sketchy, the bosslady signed them up for a grand theft spaceship, however, things go south, and fast. With battle droids inside the ship, the former marines found themselves in a desperate struggle as they fought from one end of the ship to another in hopes of completing their contract. However, after the initial wave, one member was captured as he stayed behind on the bridge hoping to launch the ship. Charging back to it, the former marines had the tables turned on them as they discovered they were now the attackers rather than the defenders. With some All-Nepleslian brute force and a few corpse shields, they found themselves bearing down on the 'masterminds' behind the droids; some old buddies from the corps, hired to do the exact opposite by the same employer.

Kill anyone who tried stealing the ship.

Making amends and with the ship under their control, they all decide to meet this mysterious employer and find out just what the heck is going on.

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