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Division 5

Division 5, the newly formed specialist counter-terrorism unit of the Neshaten law enforcement. Employing detectives and field operatives alike the division is tasked with tracking down and dealing with terror cells regular units can't. Led by an accomplished and fun-loving captain the team is bound to fight terror with a few laughs along the way, and whoever said a job was all work and no play.

Status: Division 5 IS NOT accepting new players at this time

Current Thread:

Plot Overview

Division 5 is the newly formed specialist CT unit of the Neshaten law enforcement, after the recent emergence of bigger and deadlier terror threats it was clear a new group was required to specifically deal with these growing concerns. The primary mission of Division 5 operatives is to discover and sabotage terrorist plots as well as clearing out known and hidden terror cells around major cities, protection of the populous comes above all else including their own lives.

While they act mainly against terror threats the division is also expected to complete more standard law enforcement duties when possible, such as being a first responder to emergency calls and assisting in closing difficult cases. The group is not exempt from any of the basic Neshaten laws and does not receive unnecessary benefits with most perks of the job being used to assist in further completing their missions however they still receive the standard benefits of law enforcement workers.

For a more OOC description of this plot, for those who have seen the anime PsychoPass the style of the plot is inspired by said anime and follows a similar structure and use of the group. CSI is also a relatively good descriptor of the style of activity this plot will include, with case solving not being solely office or field work.

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players

Crew Roster

Character Player Notes Image
Leo Ci'Rado club24 Captain
Vaughn Li' Veero club24 Director
Kyeterinyah DePolanskaya SirSkully Field Operator
Arynn Sher'Meso Arbitrated Intelligence Operator
Deniska Cirillo Aria Field Operator
Proykla'hana Karekhrabro IQ Field Operator
Limr'viad Kil'nda Chaos Havik Field Operator

About The GM

club24 has been on SARP since August 2017 and currently is involved with several factions and a great many people on the site. He has expereince GM'ing a couple of other plots on SARP with various degrees of success, most of his efforts are focused into Neshaten RP and work however he still activly participates in many plots outside of the faction as well and can be reached on discord at club24#3844




This rating indicates the maximum I will ever GM write into the plot. This rating is purely to advise for the possibility of situational use of these themes but may not be maintained at the indicated level and is purely to advise of situational possibility.


Mission 1 part 1: Case 01

The team went out for a recon mission but was ambushed by Kingdom Fall agents resulting in one agent being captured by Division 5 and one Operator being captured by Kingdom Fall.

OOC Information

This page was originally created by club24 on 2018/05/07

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