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Dovanian Kyzu

Join up for the life of a Dovanian joint military position on the front lines! Accompany the finest soldiers in the Kraljevski Sector/Western Sector.

Plot Theme Military life, Front line defense, & Political Policing
Status Civil War, Exploration, & Political Cleansing
Pace 3 Days a week(Occasional irregularities)
Player Count 10
OOC Plot Thread NA
Current Threads NA

Status: Accepting new members!!!

Plot Overview

A combined force of the Dovanian Army and Navy, joint operations to secure the Kyzu system. Assigned with protecting the populace as they combat any issue they encounter. As well as helping the capital world of Xuno advance technologically and socially. Both veterans prior to unification and fresh new recruits, either from Xuno or elsewhere all unified together as one cohesive force.


Language Sexuality Violence
2 1 2

Pacing and Posting Rules


16 Age minimum.


Pacing is kept on average of 3-5 sessions a week, though there could be more or less depending on the players. However is attempted to stay at this rate.


Threads are rarely used and are often replaced with Joint Post(JPS). As they are seemed as easier to managed by the GMs in Dovania. Though Threads will be used occasionally.

Character and Player Roster

Characters Occupations/Positions Status Player
Kyro-vek Draguun High King Active Dragon_God
Violet Foreman Dovanian Foreign Diplomat Active Dragon_God
Lora Kingsley Head of Military Armaments Research Active Dragon_God
Azazel Titan Dovanian Imperial Guardsmen Active Dragon_God
Kaine Tazar Standard Infantrymen Recruit Active Jack Pine
Mark Tazar NDC-MoD Trainer Active Jack Pine
Talos NDC-MoD Trainer Active Jack Pine
Blade Regiment 001 Standard Infantrymen Private Active Dovahnok
Nora Yamazaki Regiment 001 Black Beret Active SugarPop
Triske Regiment 001 Standard Infantrymen Recruit Inactive Triskelion
Damadian 72-6932-0441 Royal Guardsmen Knight Apprentice Active StubbledEmu
Elisys Amare Combat Engineer Corporal Active fr3sh_bl00d
Dragan Khaimov Standard Infantrymen Recruit Active vergan
Mujo Khazan Standard Marine Seaman Recruit Active cinnamontoasthans
Lisa Alice "Thorn" Ironhart Regiment 001 ‘Special’ Corporal Active Madi Harper

Plot History

In YE:40 is when Dovania began its mass conscription, bringing in hundreds of millions to training facilities on Xuno. This process is slow and has only to have completely trained 500 million new military personnel. The first of the batches were deployed immediately to act as police forces to keep the peace within still hostile regions. This is around the time the Reevian Insurgency had begun. Later to be crushed soon after the events of what would later be called ‘Rat City’.

Since then the military has continued its routine routes and had increased its scientific basis and separate occupation listings. Allowing for more technological and non-combative occupations in the military. This allowed for more recruits to pass through training and allowing more specializations. The first foreigner had also be appointed to the Dovanian Guards.

When YE:41 rolled in, a Communist rebellion had arise from a political hellstorm. Causing a large rebellion within the Eastern Ichikan Provence.

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