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Echoes of Dead Pilots

Echoesofpilots is a roleplaying plot created February 21, 2016 by GM Jimmy.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join. Conditions apply to unapproved characters.

Plot Overview

In Echoes of Dead Pilots, players will RP as starfighter pilots hired by a mysterious corporate employer who pits them against each other and in cooperative missions in intense simulation training. While paying bonuses for exemplary performance and always pushing the PC's to go to the edge of their capability, it's clear they're using these exercises to create something else. Missions may become brutally difficult quickly, but fortunately mission failure is far from the end in this virtual war.

When not cramped into their simulated cockpits, pilots will be able to enjoy the company of their colleagues either on site or on the streets of Nepleslia. Getting into shenanigans or simply enjoying the nightlife while the money rolls in, or training harder to build towards the perfect score and major payday. Pilots who reach the top of the program have been promised a unique gift item for their time, while monetary rewards are generous for all who participate well.

Raw skill is not the only criteria to succeed, consistent and reliable performers are singled out for selection, and personalities of all sorts will be pitted against each other in brutal head-to-head encounters or trying to work together to complete a goal.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: Mostly SP, JP's between players or to speed up actions welcome.
  • Pacing will probably feature some time skips and focus on battles or important scenes. Players are expected to post at least once a week, exceptions per conditions. Failure to post will probably mean the GM forgets about you.

Mission Format

Each mission will be divided into three rough sequences.

  • (Being insulted by Chef Bot at breakfast)
  • Briefing and mounting
  • Combat mission
  • After action and recreation

This is the rough and simple sequence of events that will take place for most missions unless narratively imperative otherwise. You're free to play around with these if you feel like JPing in your own time, starting mid-mission or after combat and such. There will be many many missions over the course of affairs, and we will not be RPing them all out. Just remember if your JP features 18+ content to place it in the correct area.


Due to concerns raised to me, I've decided to add this section to make it absolutely clear what I expect out of players should PVP occur:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Right to reply
  • All PVP must be Opt-In
  • No Means No
  • Referee decisions are final (Jimmy is the only referee)

Failure to abide by these simple principles will result in a harsh knife-handing from your friendly neighbourhood GM, repeat offenders will be knife-handed physically as required. If you do not wish to PVP during a plot mission, I will provide NPC opponents for you, but be warned they will be trying to win just as much as the PC's will.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Runessa Krisslanza Haunty Player
Thomas Phanan Old Player
Felicidade de Ligaya Lunar Rabbit Flirty Player
Amelia Stroud Foxtrot813 Jungle Player

Open Positions

See Characters Wanted.


Former Characters and Players


At a well provisioned but sparsely assembled warehouse on Nepleslia, dozens of virtual cockpits with full simulation effects for gravity have been set up. Management watches the floor from a darkened upper balcony, awaiting the first round of selectees to begin the program.

After dealing with an uninvited pilot, the newly formed squadron is given the night to square themselves away and get set to start early the next morning.

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