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ECV Raven

The ECV Raven is an Elysian roleplaying plot run by GM club24 that will have everyday citizens of Elysia thrust into a world of adventure and mystery, following the clues left behind by the Ancients their mission is to discover the secret to the old civilisation. The civilian team will be aboard a decommissioned El-E1-1a Concordia-class Scout with its weapons removed/disabled and militaristic use limited for use by non-military personnel acting purely as their private travel method and mobile home.

Status: ECV Raven is accepting new players at this time

Current Thread: Here

Plot Overview

The ECV Raven is a civilian vessel operating under the direct order of senator Barachiel Valeria through contact with officer Icarus Asellio to explore the recent emergence of the Ancients. A long-forgotten civilisation of unknown origin that left behind many traces of their old world including hidden structures, ships and technology around Elysian space many of which still hold secrets of the past. While it may be funded by the Senate and captained by an officer, the Raven is tasked with tracking down any and all information regarding the Ancients and is to reclaim artifacts whenever possible and reports directly to Barachiel alone with no official involvement by the senate. For people who are interested in a less combat intensive plot with a knack for ending up in strange places, and those who the tomb raider style of action and puzzle solving.

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players

Crew Roster

Character Player Notes Image
Icarus Asellio club24 Captain1)
Alexia Asellio club24 Surface team2)
Sofiel Castien SirSkully Surface team3)
Senna 'The Pioneer' Damoscles IQ Surface team4)
Raduriel Hayyel Bman142 Surface team5)

About The GM

club24 is a new GM to SARP but has had some experience on other RP sites in the past along with being a word weaver6) and having enough skill to give a general outline at the beginning of a thread and adapt to player choices as it goes along. He joined the site back in August of 2017 and is looking to get more involved with the site.





OOC Information

This page was originally created by club24 on 02/13/2018

Systems Manager
experience in story telling/writing

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