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Figments Of Fantasia

Figments Of Fantasia is a roleplaying plot created July 17, 2017 by GM Zekec.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

It is a high fantasy MMORPG virtual reality game created by the ????? Company. It uses the concept of the VCE, while creating a modified helmet which acts as a gaming system. The player is able to put a predetermined amount of time in the machine, for instance, three hours. A timer will begin to count down, and when the time is up, the gaming system will shut down. Along with that, once you put the helmet on, you completely forget our real life, believing you actually live in Kami, with the player's immersion with the game a big part of why it is highly praised by role-players. When the game shuts down, you will remember everything from the game along with real life.

From knights in shining armor to kings high up on thrones, to a lowly peasant farming fields. Everything is possible in Figments of Fantasia, where players shape the world. It is a realm of strife and conquest, heartache and battles. From humans to orcs, goblins and elves- who will you become? Come save the fantasy world of Kami in a brand new adventure.

Even when you are not playing the game, your character and people you met live, thrive. Your character could even die while you are offline.

Rules and Pacing

  • Both SP and JP
  • Pacing will be fast or slow- depending on who joins. It is not going to be urgent to post, although I am sure whoever joins will want to continue as fast as possible.

Rating: 2-2-2

Characters and Players

Character Player Class Race
Branwyn Araven ArsenicJohn Hunter Wood Elf
K'yorl Solen'Nurn Cadetnewb Rogue Dark Elf
Priscilla Ariamis GrammarPaladin Priest Snow Elf
Takumi Fay Mage Human
Olgath Brighthammer Acewing13 Warrior Shieldmantle Dwarf
Jack Harbinger Jack Pine Rogue Human
Isabelle Evangelion White Wolf Rogue Snow Elf
Rhuna Agmundr paladinrpg Shaman Giant


Character Player Class Race
Fenxi Formerly Immortal Cyan; Currently GMNPC Warrior Gnome
Shandris Silverpetal GMNPC Hunter Wood Elf
Awilix Redwyne GMNPC Warrior Wood Elf Werewolf
Nasheeka Stormrage GMNPC Mage Siren
Nyrean Feathermoon GMNPC Priest Wood Elf
Kolten Stemal GMNPC Priest Wood Elf

Open Positions

Anyone is welcome to join! We have most class roles filled but multiple characters of the same class is acceptable.


Chapter 1

Across the galaxy, a group of hardcore gamers received their purchase of a new hyper-realistic gaming device and the first game that was created to use the new technology. The innovative thing about the device is that while you are playing, your memories of the real world are blocked, a new set of memories is simulated, and your perception of time is altered. In effect, inside the game, you believe that what you're experiencing is a reality and you can live out days in the game world in a matter of minutes.

After making their characters, these strangers woke up as prisoners on board a pirate ship. They saw a little green faerie and a big saber cat had been captured as well. Before having a chance to discuss what was happening, three pirates came down to check on the prisoners. Fate chose that moment to intervene in the form of a ship firing on the pirate vessel. The next thing the players knew they were waking up on a beach.

As the group awakened they discovered the faerie, the saber cat, and a crew member survived. They did their best to treat the injured. A group of wood elves showed up a moment later, one of them seeming to recognize the wood elf princess among the party.

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