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The Francia Frontier

Planet Francia of the Avante Star System is an unexplored, untraveled planet belonging to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. As a budding colony, the settlers of Francia City are blazing trails into this new frontier.

Currently, RP is taking place here in the forums, while the OOC thread isn't too far away.

The Plot in Roleplay

The Francia Frontier is a plot focused on not only the lives of the soldiers stationed there, but the colonists' slice of life on this frozen hell of an iceball as well. Though the small, fledging city is composed of many pre-fabricated modules, it still needs to be built from the ground up through the application of reliable, old fashioned elbow-grease. Everywhere. Being out in the frontier, support is not immediate, and supplies may not be enough for the situation at hand. Creativity and resourcefulness will be key to keeping things running smoothly in the colony, and even more so in the face of the many unexpected dangers that comes with being frontiersmen and women.

Character Requirements

Unique to the Francia at the time of its inception, the main requirement to participating in this plot is to have a military AND a civilian character. Newer players however, are exempt from this rule; instead, they MUST have a military character

This requirement is due to the alternating nature of the plot itself; it will take turns between military and civilian episodes accordingly. By doing so, both slices of life are more evenly represented, and also bring forward unique role-playing opportunities. Even after the plot has long ended, Francia is meant to be a living setting for future plots and plotships that come by for whatever reason. Having a tourist stop to unwind with the barkeep, ski instructor and gun store owner all being Player Characters, or were once PCs, is a massive benefit. But on top of that, the fact that the ski-instructor had finished a bloody tour of service and settled down with the local barkeep after an action packed, harrowing multi-mission/plot-long courtship while the gun store owner never had that special someone return is an example of how this would provide a rich background to the setting once all is done.

Which, given the intended nature of Francia and SARP, never will be.

Posts and Posting Style

Posts are expected from players every 3 days at the very most - typically, after three days have elapsed since the last GM post, a new one will be made. When a new GM post is made, a character will be auto'd by the GM to keep the story moving if they are inactive and are key to the events at hand; though the GM will do the best possible to stay true to the character, efforts may still fall short due to not being the character's player him/herself. The exception to this is if players are still actively replying to one another, and there is no need for GM intervention for the group to keep moving. This usually comes into play only during social, non-combat areas however.

In general, posts are expected to be a combination of present and past tense for actions a character is taking, and actions that they did take. Overall, when facing enemies, the character takes actions against them but does not write out the enemy reaction or outcome. This is up to the GM to decide; though a slower post style than some other RP sites, this ups the ante by potentially having something go wrong. With the stakes higher, the game is a clutch match and with much more at stake.

Episode Cycle

Due to the duality of The Francia Frontier and its character requirements, the plot's point of view will go through a 'tick tock' cycle, where one will first focus on one perspective, and then the other view the next. During military cycles, only military characters are allowed to be used by the players unless the circumstances set by the Game Master say otherwise due to their nature. Meanwhile, during civilian cycles, players may either play as their military character, civilian character or even both. When both are being played at once however, more effort must be put into making posts mesh together rather than reading like two separate posts put up as one. In addition, should both characters be in separate scenes, the post will have to be broken up and include location labels for clarity.

The Cast and Crew

Civilian Cast
Player Character Role
Soresu Deidre Kirsty NicAlasdair Gun Store Owner
Soresu Carina Gabrielle Sanroma Elementary Schoolgirl
Abwehran Commander Hanna Tajuana Drevnerussky Schoolteacher/Brothel Madame
Abwehran Commander Anya Mecha-Maid
Aendri Amelia "Amy" Jensen Bar Cook
Fian Arin Berelai Mechanic and NAM Technical Support
Exhack Algol Marida Incredibly Legitimate Salesman
Viralyte Vackuum Diplo Miner
ShotJon Jordan Jane Simmons Waitress

Previous Cast

Military Crew
Player Character Rank (Intended) Role
Semjax Armin Heidrich N/A Civilian Consultant

OOC Notes

  • This page was originally created on 2014/12/26 00:09 by CadetNewb
  • Need page for planet Francia proper, the old page is here; Francia
  • Fian is not Co-GM and wants no part of that despite character rank!
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