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Horizon Expeditionary Force

Horizon Expeditionary Force is a proposed plot run by GM club24.


“Sign up with the Geographical Observation Group funded by Galactic Horizon for the chance to see the parts of 188604 you knew existed but never dreamed you'd ever end up in. Fight your way through nature and the planets natives to secure that extra meter of height on a peak for the perfect map and get paid to come back alive. The adventure of a lifetime set in the beckoning wastes, positions open include engineers, cartographers and navigators, trained combatants and science personnel. So sign up today to secure your legacy in the glorious nation history.”

The Horizon Expeditionary Force is a plot set on Planet Osman with the aim of mapping out and collecting valuable locational data on the vast expanse of the sandstorm plagued planet. Known as the Geographical Observation Group or GOG within the SARPiverse, the group was founded by Galactic Horizon in order to accomplish this goal, it is comprised mainly of GH employees and some other locals however was advertised to all to assist in building its numbers.

Players can expect to meet some tough situations which will require a variety of IC skills possessed by several characters subsequently requiring teamwork to succeed, these hardships include threats posed by the planet, the natives that inhabit it and even their own decisions. The primary objective of the team is to assemble and collect/create data on the unexplored areas of the USO controlled planet, it is slotted to include several missions with varying experiences but may change depending on player feedback and involvement.

Current Thread: Here

Plot Details

 Horizon Expeditionary Force  
 Age Requirement:  16 
 Format:  Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts 
 Pacing:  1 post per 2 weeks minimum, will adapt to player speeds if required  

About The GM

club24 is a new GM to SARP with only one other plot in his care currently but has had some experience on other RP sites in the past. He has experience in story telling/writing and enough skill to improv when needed. He joined the site back in August of 2017 and is looking to get more involved with different aspects of the community.

Previous Experience

Currently club24 is the GM of one other plot, the ECV Raven with this being his second plot in SARP. He has been involved in running several other small plots in different groups.


club24 is in the GMT+8:00 and is available for discussion on discord1) every day of the week with the exception of unplanned events.

He is available to RP most days of the week but still being a student often eats some afterschool time. He is able to provide GM posts at least once every couple days.


Character Player Notes
Brin Bluestone club24 NPC
Terrins Dassau SirSkully GH Security
Lexington Alabaster McGregor SirSkully GH Science
Andrew Wilson Bman142 GH Technician
Trash Panda Charmaylarg Racoon
Hacker Phreak 674-404-3953 Jjans Hired Help
Calanthe Brongus Fioreo GH Science
Argus Zepheris club24 GH Science
Anna club24 NPC
Bella club24 NPC
Ivan club24 NPC





Currently the plot has no completed plot threads or JP threads.

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